Final Fantasy XIV Online Boss Talks Potential Xbox, Nintendo Versions

We talk with director Naoki Yoshida about bringing the game to new systems and why it won't change business models.

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Kashima1536d ago

Xbox? Fine, Switch? BIG NO!!!

bluefox7551536d ago

It'll hold back improvements to the base game, just like the ps3 did. This isn't opinion, the developers have stated this.

DarkZane1536d ago

@bluefox755 I don't get why you are getting disagrees, it's true. The Switch is weaker than the PS4 and Xbox One and it would only hold the game back. Plus, the console only has a tiny 32GB internal memory. With all the content and updates, people would be forced to buy a microSD because the game likely wouldn't fit on the Switch.

Kashima1536d ago

We just got rid of Ps3 limitation and i hope ps4 follows as well when ps5 comes, it seems the people that disagrees me don't even play this game just mindlessly clicking

gamer78041536d ago

would be good for the player base to have more players, its a pretty good game. I played for about a year but it might be too late at this point. I'm already hooked on black desert online, finding the combat really fun its nice not having to stare at squares on the screen to do attacks.