RPG's for Wii from High Voltage Software? Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Iran White writes:

In this bonus section of the interview on The Conduit with Eric Nofsinger of High Voltage Software, we're given hope for games in other underrepresented games on the Wii, as well as learn that the Wii is their: "Personal favorite system".

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TheColbertinator4029d ago

Sounds interesting.I hope its true

DarkBlood4029d ago

most definitly inresting hopfully its a turnbase one or something like that

DarkBlood4028d ago

lol replying to my first comment looks like i gotten my first disagree since i started jioning this site couple months ago lol anyways on topic

the conduit game is probably going to be my first shooting game apart from weither i dont know if link cross bow training and resident evil 4 counts as a shooter because i would imagine a shooter has enemies coming at you all the time if you know what im trying to say.

TruthbeTold4028d ago

Don't worry about disagrees. Some people give them just to give them. It's really pretty meaningless.

TruthbeTold4028d ago

I almost don't care which style of RPG it would be. Just make it quality, and I'm buying.

kesvalk4028d ago

i loved chocobo fables (nd i don't like dungeon crawlers) and i can't wait anymore for arc rise fantasia and fragile...

TruthbeTold4028d ago

but I resent second and third string games like Chocobo fables. The Wii is more powerful than any last gen console but all it gets are games with second string characters and little effort put into the graphics. Graphics aren't everything, but respect means alot.

M_Prime4028d ago

well i am getting the CONDUIT for sure from what i read about it.

though an RPG sounds awsome

SinnedNogara4011d ago

We Wii owners need some RTSs, several dozen sci-fi FPS games, and a Command & Conquer spin off (Either a FPS or a RTS).