RealGamers: Dead Space Review

RealGamers writes: "We've all played survival horror games set in zombie filled small towns, and it seems that this setting has been done to death. So now developers are looking for new ways to scare you out of your skin and what better setting is there then on board a severally damaged ship in deep space, the setting for EA's sci-fi horror Dead Space.

The game starts with the games hero, Isaac Clarke on board an engineering ship on a simple repair mission to fix key systems of the deep space mining ship USG Isimura. However, upon arrival your ships crew is unable to make contact with the Isimura and when docking with the huge mining vessel things quickly go wrong and your ship crash lands in the docking bay. Upon initial investigations there are no signs of the crew of the Isimura and most of the ships key systems are offline. As with most horror games, things quickly get worse as you are cut off from the rest of the crew after an attack by some gruesome alien beings. From here on in you must fight for survival and try and get the USG Isimura in a space faring state to ensure your survival."

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Highlander4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Dead Space is probably one of the greatest games i've played in years.

Excalibur4029d ago

10/10 all day long.

Highlander4029d ago

i can't wait for Gears of War 2, it's going to be big.