Real Gamer: Bioshock PS3 Review

Real Gamer writes: "Some games seem to struggle when making the leap between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Numerous problems seem to pop-up in the later consoles version of hit games. However, as the true masterpiece it is the multi award winning Bioshock seems to achieve this feat with relative ease!

Set in 1960 Bioshock starts with the games unnamed protagonist on board a plane flying over the Atlantic, all of a sudden the plane crashes into the sea and it soon becomes obvious why. It flew into a building protruding out of the waves. Having no where else to go you head for this mysterious building and soon discover Rapture, an under water utopia where artists, scientists and great minds are free to express themselves without following the rules of the rest of the world. Despite Rapture being built as a utopia it soon becomes clear that it is not. The occupants have been driven slightly mad by genetically mutating themselves, and you soon find yourself caught up in a fight between two rival factions that communicate to you over a short wave radio, but as with all things in Rapture things aren't straight forward."

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aesharmor4036d ago

Il should be 9.6/10 and not 9.6/100