Take A Look at Super Mario Sunshine Running on the Switch

Since the Nintendo Switch still doesn't have a form of a virtual console, some players are taking matters into their own hands.

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HeisenbergX208d ago

Pleasee for the love of.. god if he exists.. Nintendo has to release Sunshine and Galaxy games on switch in smooth 60fps ! It has to happen :/

Sono421208d ago

Honestly I think all Gamecube games are worthy of re releases/remasters/remakes. Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, Pokemon Colosseum/XD, Paper Mario TTYD, and Kirby Air Ride. All of those games I would LOVE to see again I mean Windwaker and Twilight princess both got remastered.. so why not these? Cmon make it happen Nintendo.. ESPECIALLY Pokemon Colosseum and XD PLEASE

indysurfn208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Good List!

This is not from Gamecube but I also wont Golden Sun, and both Bravely games from DS remastered.

remixx116208d ago

Sunshine and air ride!!!

RosweeSon208d ago

All Nintendo games really not every single one sure but man they make fantastic games you only have to look in a top 50/100 greatest games list to see Nintendo games from 25/30 years ago still holding down majority of the spaces

RosweeSon208d ago

I don’t see why they couldn’t do the Zeldas again for switch as a double or even triple pack with skyward sword thrown in as well. People will say ah they charging full price for games they already released... majority who never played them before if you did it’s not a gun to head situation where you have to buy them again. Wii u had dreamcast levels of sales so why can’t they rerelease those games even at full price (shop around or what for sales discount codes etc) Sony did it with vast majority of their PS3 games because fair enough a lot of Xbox 360’s were sold but man they still sold 85+ million PS3s so a lot of people did actually still play those games hell of a lot more than would have seen or played those Wii u games. Luckily Nintendo aren’t short of new ideas Mario Odyssey is just incredible can’t wait to finally dive into Zelda soon day1 purchase and yet to get round to it 😑😜 like to save great games and Mario was defo worth the wait.

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eagle21208d ago

HeisenbergX and Sono421 said everything I wanted to say! AGREED! haha

PoSTedUP208d ago

i would buy sunshine day one its my favorite 3d mario game.

PoSTedUP208d ago

Nice dude! Really is the best one but not a popular opinion.

RosweeSon208d ago

Galaxy especially that game is phenomenal although I have no doubt SNES will get added around E3 time or before the years out.... as for N64 games on switch prob not for another 12-18 months being as Nintendo is gonna drop Mini n64 this Christmas no doubt.
Can’t see Nintendo putting all those games on switch whilst simultaneously trying to shift the mini consoles so that may hold back further Gens getting released on switch anytime soon.
However I think especially after this weeks worth of announcements nintnedo really just needs to drop their Netflix of Nintendo’s gaming gold from the vaults and do their own subscription service rather than drip dripping them like they have for 3 gens now I absolutely love Nintendo and their games and even their systems but there’s no disputing they stuck in the older ways but in others they are revolutionary Nintendo changed gaming so much they don’t get half the credit they deserves, however they been so slow releasing games for their VC’s that by the time they getting to all the good games theyves moved on a Gen and start the process all over again Wii/Wii U and now switch with games being drip fed 2-3 every other week or 3 to their online membership.
Just do a Netflix NES/SNES/N64/GameCube/Wii/WiiU
Gameboy,colour,advance/ds/3ds just get all the classics on there
They halfway through their Gen (4-6 years max for Nintendo) we getting the newer switch models and within about 2 years max 3 at a push you’ll see Switch 2.0 or whatever they call their next Gen.

DarXyde208d ago

I think we're looking overdue for a remake and sequel to Eternal Darkness.

Germ_the_Nobody208d ago

LOL Yes. Didn't the devs put some kind of successor on Kickstarter awhile back?

Valkron1207d ago

Yeah, but the creator got arrested for kiddie porn if I remember correctly 😞

Profchaos208d ago

It runs pretty flawlessly on my Snapdragon 835 powered android phone so switch should be a easy goal

Sirk7x208d ago

Totally different when it comes to emulation. Android is open source and has all the tools you need for development. People have to reverse engineer the Switch and program drivers, etc for emulation on it. It's come a long way already, but many of the devs say full-speed Gamecube emulation probably isn't happening any time soon, if at all.

bluebenjamin208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Bro foreal who said that? My son knows what its like to play gamecube games with better textures and 4k on a mid grade PC using Dolphin emulator this been going on

T1125P208d ago

I mean you can already play this with the Dolphin emulator at 4K no less, but, I would love to have it to take with me on the go. The Switch can easily run this game at 60fps in handheld mode. Nintendo knows so many want a remaster of this, don't know what's the hold up. Would be nice if they surprised us and it came out in the summer :D

PhoenixUp208d ago

Switch not having analog triggers would make it difficult to port some GameCube titles such as this to the platform

RosweeSon208d ago

Not when the do the GameCube joycons like they did for NES and no doubt will for SNES and N64... GameCube.

PhoenixUp208d ago

GameCube is too complex a controller to make a JoyCon out of.

Plus who really wants to buy another controller just to play a port, remaster or remake?

The NES JoyCons work because they’re purely optional. Making a required special edition would be utterly ridiculous and just limit the amount of people who’d buy the game. That’d just unnecessarily fragment the market

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