Gabe Newell Really Likes Resident Evil 2 And Confirms Valve Is Still Working On VR Games

Gabe Newell, the president of Valve, has been answering a lot of emails lately and sharing some interesting information about his gaming tastes, the state of Valve, the future of VR and more.

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Spurg667d ago

Sometimes when shit gets real you gotta get out of your cave.

-Foxtrot667d ago

We don't really give a shit about VR Games know what we want

Maybe hurry along before Epic gains more momentum

opc666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

In a year all of Epic's exclusives will be on Steam and Epic still won't have any security or features.

porkChop666d ago

Here's the thing. Valve doesn't care. They don't care about devs and they don't care about gamers. Devs have been pleading with Valve for years over visibility and the 70/30 split. Valve have done nothing. Steam piles up with shovelware, asset flips, and garbage. What does Valve do? They step back and take a reactive stance rather than a proactive one. They let it happen and fix it later if they have to.

As much as people may hate the Epic store and the exclusivity, we need this. I've been saying for years that Valve has lost their way, and things have just gotten worse in that time. The only way to make Valve care and actually fix things is to hit them in their wallet. Because right now Valve doesn't care at all, and they just sit there printing money. Things are going to suck for a while on PC, but hopefully the sleeping giant wakes up sooner rather than later.

CrimsonWing69666d ago

Speak for yourself, homie.

I actually like VR and this is coming from a guy that hated kinect and motion controls. RE7 in VR is probably one the highest points in gaming immersion for me.

-Foxtrot666d ago

So you would rather have VR shit over L4D3, Portal 3, TF3 and Half Life 3, even over new IPs or cancelled ones like the Crossing?

No...just no...don't believe that for a second.

CrimsonWing69666d ago


I’m just curious, have you played RE7 in VR? Because L4D3, Portal 3, and Half-Life 3 are all games that are in first person and would absolutely work in VR... just sayin’

UnholyLight666d ago

Oh -Foxtrot, how far the mighty hath fallen.

-Foxtrot666d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

I swear you make no sense most of the time

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gazgriff2k12666d ago

they aint working on any games are they even a dev team, why havn't the devs left. I wish they would sell there ip's

666d ago
Fist4achin666d ago

Hey Gabe, take note from Capcom. They took a successful franchise, put some time into it, gave the gamers what they wanted, and then made money and fans for future releases.

Wash, rinse, repeat,...

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