Sea of Thieves Mega Update Details Include Arena, Fishing and More

Sea of Thieves Hub writes: “In celebration of Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary, Rare teased their next major update. This Mega Update, titled the Anniversary Update, will release on April 30th”

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TheRealTedCruz939d ago

This game has been coming along nicely.

aconnellan939d ago

Getting a lot of good support, and a lot of the updates change/improve on the core gameplay itself, which is great

gamer7804939d ago

gamespass is a nice way to help get continuing support for games, especially ones that struggled early on but are now much better off.

lxeasy938d ago

I jumped back into the game on Saturday since launch. There is so much new stuff in the game. They clearly have gone to work adding more to this game to make it better. Glad to see they are supporting this game.

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Cavalier939d ago

Fishing!? Omg game of the generation!

mark_parch938d ago

lol I might actually jump back in just to try the fishing

aconnellan938d ago

Heaps of other stuff in there as well, like story-driven quests and such

Cavalier938d ago

I know, just making a joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.