How Many Headshots Does It Takes To Kill Somebody In Fallout 3?

Ripten: "I haven't played Fallout 3. But please, somebody who has, please tell me: do all the NPCs have bulletproof adamantium skulls? I understand every action in the game is determined by stats and behind-the-scenes dice rolls, and that the game isn't an action game or a shooter, but this is pretty ridiculous, and if it's not totally indicative of what actually goes down in the game, well, it's at least funny.

32 headshots. Ouch. Hit the jump and see it for yourself."

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omodis4204032d ago

This is the one thing that has bugged me a little about Fallout 3. The previews and demonstrations showed you just being able to go to VATS and kill the *bleep* out of everything. I am trying to get to a high level before I make a final judgment. But I have only gotten in like to head pop offs in 8 hours.

PirateThom4032d ago

Have you got the Bloody Mess Perk?

I would get that. I get head pop-offs and body explosions almost every fight.

Bazookajoe_834032d ago

As piratethom said get the blody mess perk and you will see head poping arms blown of and leg dissmemberment in every fight. This is truly a masterpiece of a game :-) My only complaint is the friend log in and of from psn that will freeze the image for a sec. Hopefully fixed in a patch in the future..

The Matrix4032d ago

Meh, this guy is just being hard-headed. ;S

kwicksandz4032d ago

Even though it looks like an FPS it has an RPG underneath and combat is decided as such, not with how mad your sniping skills are.

r2kcipher4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

if you the scope on the sniping rifle. they come down with one shot to the head, and its usually messy. it may depend on the difficulty too.

JsonHenry4032d ago

For some reason not getting a one head shot kills 95% of the time in other games bothers me. But it has not bothered me while playing Fallout 3.

Proxy4032d ago

Right before I finished playing I shot a raider in the neck (a missed head shot), one hit kill, his dead bodied tumbled backwards over the edge of a bridge and into the water. :D I was using a laser pistol, definitely not the most powerful weapon.

vhero4032d ago

yeah the head shot thing is a god damn joke sometimes it shouldnt take so much god damn rounds to kill somebody when hitting in the head

gameplayer4031d ago

This is clearly an early level character using one of the weakest, least accurate weapons in the game taking on a Caravan NPC, a fairly strong opponent. If anyone can't understand why it takes forever for a low level character with a weak weapon a long time to take out a relatively strong character... well let's just say you should go back to your instant gratification mindless shooter and leave all that hard math stuff to the adult gamers.

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DA_SHREDDER4032d ago

Thus the reason why I dont wanna buy this game. They should have just made a new Oblivion. Now I hear they are making FAllout 4. Great,, good for you guys.

dachiefsman4032d ago

for the love of god get some tissues man!

all you do is b***h and moan about this game.

ArmrdChaos4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

If what I saw was correct (haven't played the game) he basically just selected the head and then kept rattling off rounds which automatically connected each time. This most likely intentional...if you could just simply target the head and one shot everyone every time then that would mess with the game balance. Now if they would have made more NPCs with some kind of head armor they would be able to make this more realistic and allow head shot kills to those without head armor.

SIX4032d ago

I keep hearing about bad bugs and glitches. Are they as bad as what everyone is saying? I'm so conflicted if I should pick this up after Resistance. I hear the graphics are kind of bad too.

TheExecutive4032d ago

I am about 4.5 hours into the game and its a little slow and repetitive. That is not to say that the game isnt good but i havent really been drawn into the game or the character. The game never really has you identify with the main character. I bet my thinking of the game will approve with time because, well, with RPG's it usually does. I would rent it first, its all about taste.

EastCoastSB4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

There are a lot of minor graphical bugs and glitches, but it is nothing that'll make throw your controller in frustration. Except maybe if you have it for PS3 and you have a million friends signing in and out. I haven't experienced anything major that'll wreck the game.(I'd say I'm about halfway through the main quest too)

The graphics aren't that great compared to other games out now, but you have to remember just how big this game really is.

Dino4032d ago

but i find this game fun and more fast paced.

0verdrive4032d ago

if you havent played the first two, your in for a treat. but i think if you played and liked the first two this one will be a bit of a letdown. it kinda is for me, i loved the first two.

the character creation is a little bit more limiting than the first two, and it puts a heavy emphasis on using guns. not a problem for most, but the first two gave you a lot more freedom in how to structure your character.

i really dislike how they did the vats this time around. there is a underemphasis on action points and the actual rpg element, more on action and fps. they also took away the ability to aim melee attacks, which makes the vats pretty useless.

im playing a melee character right now, and it really does remind me of oblivion, especially because the vats, the biggest part that separates the two, does nothing for a melee character.

sorry i kind of turned this into a "what i dont like about fallout3 rant", but bottom line is -

the games pretty fun. i dont agree with some of the gameplay choices that they made, but it definitely is a rich experience that you will be rewarded by playing. the atmosphere and story are very unique that your not going to find anywhere else. also, the ps3 version is not as buggy as all teh 360 fanboys claim, ive been playing all week and i havent really run into any bugs or glitches worth mentioning.

SIX4031d ago

I think I'll get this game. Thanks again.

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Arcturus4032d ago

sometimes 4-5 shots to pop off a head

TheExecutive4032d ago

yep, the assault rifle will do it in about 4

zalifer4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I found loads of one hits in vats. 2-3 shots in normal (zoom aimed) shooting. Question is what is his small weapons skill? he could have gimped it for the vid, or he could be an FPS guy, who just clicked random stats. And dismemberment is glorious in this game!

*psssst* bethesda? please patch dismemberment into oblivion!

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