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Few games matched the success of the original Motorstorm when the Playstation 3 launched. The gaming public loved the high adrenaline racing thrills as well as the mass destruction and chaotic damage model. It wasn't without flaws however as the loading times tested the patience of even the most laid back gamers. With Motorstorm: Pacific Rift can developer Evolution Studios push the boundaries further?

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DA_SHREDDER5201d ago

Motorstorm 2 is one of the most fun games Ive ever played in my life. The graphics, track design, and vehicle models top notch. The music is freakin sic, Machine Head and Slipknot are one of my favorite bands of all time, but then you got in game music if you prefer something else. Everything about this game is AAA, and most of all, its so much fun too play. I think this game would have gotten way better reviews if it was a 360 exclusive, but I dont care. Its everyone else's loss if they don't enjoy or buy the game. Im glad Sony is here to cater to me regardless if all these morons cant appreciate this game.

Theo Paphitis5201d ago

I agree the games great. I can't wait for it. I just hoped they can add a replayability aspect like R2 though. That would be even more awesome.

Daz5201d ago (Edited 5201d ago )

really good game but everyone has and opinion what it mark its gets.

87? 100 and not happy :P i dont get most people on this site.

I played a game what scored 2 out of 10 and i loved it :P

remanutd555201d ago

pacific rift is AMAZING, its better than motorstorm in almost every possible way , better graphics,more beautiful tracks,custom soundtracks, free play, garage, MUCH faster loading times, TOUGHER AI lol, ranked,custom and casual online games, splitscreen,splitscreen , did i mention splitscreen yet? lol, i was expecting a great game but evolution studios surpassed my expectations, the game is amazing, oh one more thing , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!!!

Jacobite5201d ago

Why worry, if you like it, buy it Im looking forward to Motorstorm 2 enjoyed the Demo

remanutd555201d ago

you'll love it but i strongly believe evolution studios picked up the wrong track to promote their game , it would have been better if they would've chosen riptide,paradise beach or kanaloa bay , any of those track would have been the perfect choice, my favorite one is THE EDGE !!!!!

DA_SHREDDER5201d ago

Also, to the guy on top who says "87? 100 and not happy :P i dont get most people on this site." The reason why I brought up what I said is because there are games out there that get highers scores then 87/100 and lack the quality and fun factor that this game has. If you weren't dumb you would also see that I said its people likes you that suffers the most because you miss out on games like Motorstorm 2.

Also, Just so you know, I was one of those people who hated part 1. This is a whole different game. The only racer that even comes close to being as fun as this game is the new Midnight Club. Everyone rated that game worse then the rest, I think the old Midnight clubs scored even higher, which I dont understand because MC:LA surpasses the old ones in every way. Same thing happend to Motorstorm. Everyone who reviewed part 1 and 2 said Pacific Rift was better then the first , yet gave it the same score or slightly higher. I just dont get it?

People say,, well the standards have changed. Games have got better since then,, Everything is different than a year ago. I gotta ask you though,, what game is everyone comparing these games too? I really cant think of one game that just totally set the bar so hight that Midnight Club and Motorstorm 2 had to be based on such a high scale? The only one that even comes to mind is Burnout Paradise. Yes that game is beautiful, and the cars handle nicely,, but what did it really bring to the table? No customization, nothing to do but wreck into each other online,, and lets not forget there wasn't even anyone in the cars to drive them. It wasn't until 4 months later they addes some new modes,, but all in all, its the same game. You people disgust me.

TheColbertinator5201d ago

I think Motorstorm 3 will receive better reception if Evolution learns from their mistakes from this one

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