EDGE #331 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include Devil May Cry 5, a tough verdict for Anthem, and more.

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Nyxus864d ago

Ouch, a 4 for Anthem. They even gave Crackdown 3 a higher score.

Adexus864d ago

I had more fun in Crackdown 3 than Anthem to be fair, still hoping Anthem will be great one day.

NarutoFox863d ago

Crackdown 3 was mediocre for a couple of hours and then it got boring for a game that was in development for 5 years

bouzebbal862d ago

DMC 5 is a 6-7/10 at best.. It's ok but nothing crazy. The times of dmc3 are over.. They played it so safe Nero is so shallow, so many loading screens and time off... My biggest disappointment of the year so far.

Disagree if you wish, it's my own opinion.

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RosweeSon862d ago

Both bad scores 6 for far cry isn’t much better no wonder I’ll be avoiding all them haha. Average yearly churn or just plain dribble.

memots862d ago

Actually if you do Coop Far Cry 5 is pretty good. Far cry New damn is really good

Servbot41862d ago

Crackdown 3 is boring as all hell, but Anthem is just broken beyond belief.

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Knushwood Butt863d ago

Dead or Alive not revolutionary enough?

jznrpg863d ago (Edited 863d ago )

Jiggle physics too outdated for them . Or they don’t like boobs

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Einhander1971863d ago

Honest reviews Anthem is pure rubbish, still hoping Anthem will be great one day are u serious. If your prepared to buy broken unfinished games more fool you. No wonder the industry is the way it is!!

RosweeSon862d ago

Yeah I’ve heard of early access but £40 for a finished (not remotely finished) product peoples be crazy haha

AK91863d ago

Haha an actual fair score for Anthem

Servbot41862d ago

Yeah the game is just bad, broken and lacking content. There is no reason to play it over The Division 2. Division 2 has its share of problems but its so much more of a complete product.

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