Will Google's Stadia Make Consoles Obsolete?

Google’s upcoming video game-streaming service Stadia aims to eliminate the middleman by letting you play games in 4K and 60 frames-per-second on almost any device as long as you have a decent internet connection. While this sounds pretty incredible on paper, it leaves us with a ton of questions.

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Jin_Sakai31d ago

Game streaming should always remain an option until most of the world has fast reliable internet with no data caps.

Kingthrash36031d ago

And no latency exists. The price gotta be worth it and absolutely no ads.

Veneno30d ago

Even then I still want to be able to play games without needing the internet at all like I do now.

I'm not paying the Comcast monopoly stranglehold of internet providers. Screw them.

gamer780430d ago

I'm sure google won't shove any ads on users or snoop on anyone's gameplay/privacy :p

SegaGamer30d ago


Game streaming should remain an option only, period. I don't care how far along things come with internet performance, I will always pick owning the hardware over relying on 100% perfect internet connection.

Segata30d ago

So in other words. Never.

Zjet30d ago

Agreed but physical ownership should always exisit.

A generation of games shouldn't be at the mercy of an off Switch.

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ButtAnihilator30d ago

Most people whining about latency play on a console plugged on a TV, and TVs add a massive amount of latency anyway, so why would you even care? If you actually were serious about maximizing your reflexes you'd be playing on a low latency monitor.

Shikoku30d ago

My tv actually has a game mode tv have had the for years and they reduce latency massively

badz14930d ago

"massive amount of latency" on TV?? you either don't understand the meaning of the word "massive" or you just have crappy TV!

Army_of_Darkness30d ago

Bro, if you have a good 4ktv, you won't even notice the latency.... But that's not what I'm concerned about. I want to actually own the game and be able to play offline like I do now and not have to rely on the internet Everytime I want to play a game.

badz14930d ago

didn't people read the article on Doom played on Stadia? they played it under a controlled environment yet the latency and input lag were noticeable enough to effect the gameplay tremendously. so imagine it out in the wild with various internet speed and distance. it will be nightmarish especially in online MP.

the infrastructure in most places aren't ready for full blown gaming over streaming yet. let alone those with 4K 60fps claimed by Google here.

usually, when it comes to google on anything else, I always thought "if anyone can make it work, it's Google" but this is not one of those cases, at least for now

Gahl1k30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I have seen a video of internal playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and the input lag was terrible in every sense of the word. The only streaming that impressed me was Nvidia's GeForce Now.

porkChop31d ago

No. It's just a different option with its own set of pros and cons. It's not a replacement.

locomorales30d ago

It's a business replacement. Profits and control are bigger even if they lose some traditional gamers in the process.

eagle2131d ago

Hell no. I plan to avoid it like the plague.

Sono42130d ago

Heck I support other people to get it, and I support Stadia crossplay with consoles, I would love the advantage ;)

SuperSonic9131d ago

Did mobile gaming made traditional consoles obsolete?
Same answer.

Godmars29030d ago

Its made middileware obsolete. Made it the backbone of mobile as F2P titles.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod30d ago

And that matters what with regards to this topic?

Godmars29030d ago

If Google brings back middleware in a non F2P format, even if its behind a subscription-arcade model, that's going to be a lot of content to appeal to the general market. The same General market that made Playstation when it was just PS1/PS2, and the same general market MS keeps aiming for but misses horribly cause they can't think in the long term while planning long term.

Apocalypse Shadow31d ago

Ask me again after I have purchased a PS5. I might have an answer

Trueflames30d ago

Ask me when i purchase the next gen xbox as well i will always be a console gamer