PlayStation Store Codes Will No Longer Be Provided to Retailers

In a leaked memo, provided to Wario64 on Twitter, by gaming retailer GameStop, the company is being told by Sony that they will no longer receive download codes for full digital games after April 1st.

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Nitrowolf2756d ago

Well I hope Sony adds some sort of gifting system in PSN.

I Mean I rarely would go out and buy a digital copy via retailer like bestbuy online, but when I did it made the convenience of gifting a friend easier instead of giving them two PSN codes ($50, $10, or $20 to cover tax)

RizBiz756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Wait, you can't gift games on PSN? I haven't bought a game on PSN in almost a decade so I have no idea, but I would have thought they'd have added the feature by now.

MasterChief3624755d ago

Yeah it's really stupid. You can even view your friends' wishlists, but you can't buy the games in question for those friends. Like what the hell is the point of seeing other wishlists if you can't buy things off of them for the people involved?!

Santouryuu755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Maybe they are going to intergrate the gifting into PSN since sony isn't going to supply the retailers

RizBiz754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

@sprinterboy I always buy AAA games as physical copies. Once the PS4 launched without any semblance of backwards compatibility, rendering my entire PSN digital library worthless, I completely lost confidence in Sony. Thus, I only buy big physical PS exclusives for PS4, and everything else I buy on PC.

UltraNova752d ago

Riz, PS4 was launched in late 2013, thats 6 1/2 years ago. That means you've stopped buying digital on PSN(ps3) 3 years before you even knew anything about the ps4 let alone its lack of BC... Its ok to admit you prefer physical, I do too, but the lack of BC on ps4 is irrelevant and contradictory to your OG comment.

RizBiz752d ago

@UltraNova "Exageration" is not synonymous with "contradictory." So I haven't bought anything digital for [almost seven years.] F*ck me, just get the point and stop being a weeb.

UltraNova752d ago

Why dont you try not exaggerating so that people get your point straight away and avoid getting your blood pressure through the roof when people call you out on it?

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sprinterboy755d ago

I did it once if I remember correctly, think I got crash Bandicoot for my nephew

Razzer755d ago

He says gift cards will still be available.

"Add-on content/PSN $ cards will still be available"

wraith9999755d ago

yeah, and op is saying thats annoying when its the only option

Army_of_Darkness755d ago

Isn't psn gift cards more than enough anyways?? I don't understand the problem here? I've always bought psn gift cards for my nephews as their gifts so they can purchase whatever they want in the psn store.... So I'm not sure why people are even crying about this??

Razzer755d ago

"Isn't psn gift cards more than enough anyways??"

yes.....and it is the norm. I don't know of anyone who has ever bought a specific digital game from GameStop to gift to someone else. People are acting like this is common and now such a huge inconvenience. If there were demand for this.....Sony wouldn't be dropping it.

Teflon02755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

I think they mean Game codes, not psn cards. Also DLC will obviously still be given for preorders etc. So it's pretty clear what they mean and it makes sense as almost no one actually buys them. I remember only using it maybe once or twice back in ps3 days to buy Crash 1 and 2 as I didn't have $20 to buy a whole PSN Card in the high school days.

Kyizen755d ago

Just buy them a PSN card and they can buy the game they want...

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fr0sty755d ago

This only applies to download codes for games. you will still be able to top off your PS+ memberships, add money to your account, etc. via those cards.

Malice-Flare756d ago

strange, why, and why now? the only reason i can fathom is that PSN Digital game codes don't sell at retail...

755d ago
TheColbertinator756d ago

Not surprised Sony is acting so foolishly anymore.

Ricegum756d ago

Haha. Oh of course you're going to say that.

chadwarden756d ago

You mean you physically travel to gamestop to buy a digital code? LMAO

FanboySpotter756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

As a gift for a friend yeah. Since psn doesn't have the feature. Some of us just have friends. Also some people don't trust sony with their personal info(like debit/credit card info after that whole hack thing years back) so they go to stores to purchase codes

Kribwalker756d ago

After the big Sony hack a lot of people haven’t trusted PSN’s security with their credit card info, as can be seen with the Amazon Best sellers, where 4 of the top 10 best sellers are digital money cards for 2019

2pacalypsenow756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Why travel all the way to a store and not just buy physical?


No one brings that shit up anymore, you act like Sony is the only company this has happened to when everyday a new company announces user data is stolen.

You can still buy PSN money codes which work the same way as games.

DaveZero756d ago

What about those who do go out and are shopping and look in let say game and think oh I'll get that digi code now rather than sort it later.

There is also the fact that stores do digi deals in store that are different to the console.

Also price can be different, since none of the console devs in there respective markets have learnt to change digital prices one bit that reflect with the times. The stores however will have different dates with different deals, its a case of keep checking.

I see it as a very strange move by Sony one which forces Sony users to only buy from the source at just one price, there price, that's just wrong..

blackblades756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

I stop buying digital codes long long time ago, I just use my debit card. Can't people just use gift cards then.

Razzer755d ago (Edited 755d ago )


One of your more ridiculous conclusions. You might want to look at number 6 and 7. Both Xbox gift cards. I guess no one trusts Microsoft's security either, huh? Hell, almost half of the top 50 are gift cards of some sort from MS, Sony, and Nintendo.

Where do you come up with this bullshit?

fr0sty755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

and they're still going to sell the psn gift cards... this only applies to game codes. all the fuss over them not selling download codes of a game in a physical store.

nirwanda755d ago

I don't physically go anywhere, I buy from cdkeys at a big discount then I input the code into the store 30seconds later after an email saving me quite a bit of money on psplus and games as Sony never discount a wallet top up.

Xavi4K755d ago

yes I do I'm all digital this generation...sometimes I give it to friends during Xmas or Birthdays... some other times there are better deals on digital cards than in the PSN store. Also, I get reward points for every game I buy so yeah.

URNightmare755d ago

That's exactly what I always thought.

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majedx9756d ago

that whole hack thing was done by one EX developer as a revenge to sony after the sony online company layoff workers

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755d ago
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Jin_Sakai756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

You can still buy PSN cards just not digital game codes right? If so I don’t really see the big deal.

PoSTedUP756d ago

whats a digital game code? lol. i just buy the cards if im buying anything digital.

Profchaos756d ago

Yeah exactly maybe people complained about not getting value for money they brought the digital code for $50 but the game was available for $30 on a sale or something at the same time

SonyStyled756d ago

I don’t know how to answer your question other that to say a digital game code is NOT a digital currency card that you mention. A digital game code is a digital game code

PoSTedUP756d ago

@pro yeah digital is usually more expensive.

@sony nah i know i think i get it thanks though. totally forgot they sell them is all. i couldnt care less about them tbh.

P_Bomb756d ago

I’ve never even seen one apart from Minecraft PC. Literally news to me that this was a thing on console. Thought it was something serious for a second (psn cards). Jeebus fix the title.

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