How Nintendo Switch Is Becoming the Best Place for New Games

IGN writes: "Nindie developers talk about why new games and gamers alike are flocking to the Nintendo Switch."

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SuperSonic91813d ago

You mean new ports of old games?

eagle21813d ago

Read the article or move on. "Is becoming"....keep that in mind. And this is coming from the mouth of game developers so I wouldn't bite the hands that feed us new

Brave_Losers_Unite811d ago

Sorry but playing on low resolution, sh*t frames, and a small screen is not my style of gameplay. PC > Switch

bouzebbal811d ago

This is a console for ports.. If you had wii u it's pointless to get one, unless you really love the fact to take your games with you and you have time during the day to play.

shinoff2183811d ago

It could also be from the mouth of a fanboy dev, im sure those exist. Honestly I have a switch for a couple of games, but playstation is where im at. The portability of the switch does nothing for me since Ive never been a portable gamer.

TheHateTheyGive811d ago

They just say that so nintendo fans wont keep port begging, switch is way too weak to run real console games without being stripped down to the bare bones. Fortnight on switch is going to be changed to the mobile version because they cant get the real version to run at 60fps like the real consoles.

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LegoIsAwesome811d ago

New games? That's weird I don't see RDR2, RE2R, DMCV, Sekiro in Switch? What I see is port of old games.

So what new game are you talking about?

SuperSonic91811d ago

Desperate fans in the media are just oozing with desperate desperation to get their favorite kiddie conpany much needed attention which in fact should be the job of Nintendo not their fans.
They resort this cringe wothy grandstanding claims which makes them look bad instead of good.

InKnight7s810d ago

Wait KH3, MHW, Division 2 released on Switch!!!! Ffxiv??? Nier Automata? Overwatch? GTAV?

No? so this is Wii U pro trying to look as if a new gen console.

LegoIsAwesome810d ago

Switch fans. A.k.a the new port beggar race

2pacalypsenow813d ago

Mentions "New Games" while using Cuphead.

Neonridr813d ago

new-ish games then? I mean the other two it talks about are new. I think this article is more or less highlighting how easy it is to work with Nintendo to get their projects onto the platform.

2pacalypsenow813d ago

Right and those two games aren't much different than the new games we got with the Wii U, they aren't groundbreaking games.

I mean is the fact that the Switch, a game console, getting games newsworthy?

Neonridr813d ago

@2pacalypsenow - if you read the article it is more or less highlighting that Nintendo has proven to be a really great company to work with to get the games on their platform.

Again, it has nothing to do with getting games on it, just how easy it is.

2pacalypsenow812d ago

Ok it’s also easy on Xbox and PlayStation.

I don’t get what the article is trying to say.

Knushwood Butt812d ago

It's saying that Nintendo Switch is not the best place for new games.

jznrpg811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

@Neonridr. It’s not easy unless it’s an indie or old game or we would have Sekiro and Red Dead on it. The games that they are getting are easy to put on ANY hardware

Neonridr810d ago

@jznrpg - jesus.. I am not talking about the complexity of the game. Nintendo has been proven to be very inviting to smaller dev studios and willing to work with them to get their games onto the hardware.

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eagle21812d ago

Well think Cuphead 2 or a new IP from Studio MDHR. I wouldn't be surprised to see them release it on Microsoft and Nintendo platforms the exact same day. The point of this article is Nintendo is doing an awesome job making them comfortable releasing their games on Switch.

And for the record Cuphead feels brand new to me coming to Switch as I don't own an Xbox One. And it isn't on PlayStation so I kinda get where the fixation on Cuphead specifically is coming

TheHateTheyGive811d ago

If switch made it "comfortable" to port games on the handheld they would of made it up to par with at least the base xboxone. Spec wise switch is worth at most 199.99, but since they have to recoup the huge loss of wii u we get the nintendo tax on the handheld and the old games that get ported to the system.

CorndogBurglar811d ago

"Ok it’s also easy on Xbox and PlayStation. 

I don’t get what the article is trying to say."

Because the article actually has Indie devs talking about Nintendo specifically. They aren't talking about XBox or PS4. You're looking into this as if there's some other motive. It's an article about devs talking about how easy it is to get their games on Switch. Period. Just because the particular devs they talked to don't mention Xbox or PS4 doesn't somehow negate the article. It doesn't all have to be comparison pieces to other products. Jesus.

trouble_bubble810d ago

Yeah why’s Cuphead in the picture? Mario’s older than death.

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isarai813d ago (Edited 813d ago )

I don't really get what they are talking about in the article, seems really vague and obtuse. Like new games as in new IPs? new games as in it's the best for a consumer to find something new they wouldn't have otherwise?, or new as is in indies?

EDIT: sooooooo, someone disagreed that i don't understand? just asking for some clarification cause the interview just randomly throws that term around with explaining what they mean by that.

Neonridr813d ago (Edited 813d ago )

The article is showcasing how easy Nintendo is to work with and getting their games put onto their platform. Especially smaller indie titles.

isarai813d ago (Edited 813d ago )

Yeah i get that but i don't get how that translates to "best place for new games", especially seeing as how the guy being interviewed is only talking from experience of porting cuphead to switch. so i'm guessing the author is saying best place for a new dev/game from a dev/publisher perspective?

I dunno, when i read that i think "oh so if i get a switch there will be a good steady flow of new games of a good quality, and since they are singling this out as THE BEST in that regard then i guess it'll be a lot that i won't see on other systems." but that's not what they are talking about at all, they are just saying Nintendo is very supportive while also very avid at filtering quality from chaff.

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Gemmol811d ago

If you read a lot of articles from sales many indies since switch launch sold more on switch than any other system there are only a few times another system sold more than it for example dead cells which was a recent article that came out this week that said switch did really well and close to steam sales outselling Xbox and ps4 together

shinoff2183811d ago

Thats because the switch is lacking so many aaa games. Ive liked indies on ps4 probably the most, axiom verge, cosmic star, celeste, stardew valley, and many more but sometime I wanna buy and play some aaa stuff.

Fritzwochel811d ago

It's got flooded with over 1500 games already, how many of those are actually good?

Moonman811d ago

You make that seem like a bad thing. Maybe the reason why Switch sells the most hardware currently too?

DarkZane811d ago

Maybe that's because it's competing against 5 years old hardware? It's definitely gonna change once Sony and Microsoft release their next console.

shinoff2183811d ago

Ps4 would still kill it if one it wasnt so old(not a complaint I love my ps4) and two theres alot of ps4 and xbox people that also bought a switch, and three its newer its gonna sell. Im just saying if all three systems came out at the same time I still think sony would be doing as good as they are now.

Neonridr810d ago

@DarkZane - and then the cycle will repeat when the Switch successor comes along. Only natural for newer hardware to sell better.

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