New Killzone 2 scans from the OPM UK

There are new scans from Killzone 2. These scans are from the preview in the OPM UK. On the scans you can see different classes from the ISA soldiers and the Helghast. Thanks to for submit this.

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jams_shop4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

That's badass too much ownage on those two pages
Oh one more thing I thought there were only three different classes but I see seven am I missing something here or was I was playing R2's beta a little too much? lol

n4gzz4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Even in real game, those gears feels really heavy. Killzone 2 for multiplayer, R2 for single and co-op, LBP for fun play. God of War3 for pissed attitude, RE5 for scary play, White Knight for RPG, GT5 for racing and list goes on... I am coverd.

Do I want to play 360 exclusive games ??
- Yes I do.

Do I miss them ??
- NO I don't.

But buying gears2 though.

Lord Anubis4033d ago

i like the helghast sniper suit.

fafoon4033d ago

But F*CK ME i cant wait for Killzone 2
This is without a doubt gonna be the Greatest FPS

Dark General4033d ago

Awesome. The saboteur is carrying a Bizon.

Bloodshedder4033d ago

i wanna know how exactly does the saboteur class works!

Dark General4033d ago

I'm guessing it'll work similar to they Spy in TF2. You'll look like a "friendly" to the enemy so they'll hesitate to shoot you. In doing so you could probably take advantage and take a few of them out. And i'm thinking Saboteur would work much better in objective based games seeing as you can create confusion and get to key area's. I'm sure what i'm saying is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do i'm basing this off of some things i do as Spy in TF2.

Kight4033d ago

heres what it says

"Primary Badge: When spawning, you take on the appearance of a random enemy class.

Secondary Badge: Provides a Proximity-Detonated sticky mine booby-trap areas."

Megaton4033d ago

They're sneaky little bastards. They take on the look of one of your teammates, including the user name in green text above their heads. It flickers back to their red colored real user name sometimes though, so you can spot them if you're really on your game.

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The story is too old to be commented.