Announcing [email protected] Game Pass, a Showcase of Indie Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass

We are excited to announce [email protected] Game Pass, a stream highlighting great indie games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, premiering March 26 at 9:00 AM PDT.

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ThinkThink1415d ago

This is great news for independent developers and gamers.

lxeasy1415d ago

Nice, loving the support indie dev are getting well as the spot light

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TheColbertinator1415d ago

Fantastic news. Nothing wrong with more indie support.

Thundercat771415d ago

From the guys that critized the indiestation for having many indies and now suddenly love indies?

Of course. Nothing wrong.

ThinkThink1415d ago

I believe those people were "criticizing" that period of time at the beginning of the playstation 4 launch where sony relied more heavily on indies. It's much more balanced now.

TheColbertinator1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


I have no problem with Sony support for indies. Sony wanted plenty of games at launch and also produce developers from all types of studios to have experience with their new Playstation. Nintendo and Microsoft are also smart for bolstering their lineup with indies during their dry months of AAA titles.

Some of my favorite studios are indie like CDPR and Bohemia Interactive.

DrumBeat1415d ago

Why resurrect the fanboy nonsense?

I think a lot of people have learned to appreciate the uniqueness, charm, and importance of indies over course of the generation. The bashing of indies by a certain group was a frustrated and emotional response to another group who wanted to make fun of the lesser power of a certain machine.

Everyone likes good games, and we all like a good indie gem that comes out of nowhere. I've played many of these this generation. I hope we get a lot more of them.

Thundercat771415d ago


You mean the same was Microsoft relies on BC right now rather than making compelling good quality exclusive games?

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The story is too old to be commented.