Digital Spy: Disaster: Day Of Crisis Review

Set over 23 stages, the game can be beaten on Normal level in about eight to ten hours. Upon completion, there is functionality to replay on Hard difficulty level with all the same weapons and Battle Points. This is intended to offer some re-playability, but it seems unlikely that many players will be tempted to do so and there is no multiplayer either. Overall, Disaster: Day Of Crisis mashes together all the elements of blockbuster films into a package that is far from original. However, players who accept the game for what it is can have an enjoyable experience. After all, it is a million miles away from reinventing the wheel, but it does a reasonable job of giving it a good spin.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g4027d ago

I don't think we will see this in NA

ChickeyCantor4027d ago

actually he said, depending on how well it will do in europe...