Why Call of Duty: World at War will be TERRIBLE. editor Matthew Curtis shares his feelings on the Call of Duty: World at War beta, and why he feels that the full game will be a huge disappointment for everyone who loved CoD4

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Lanoire4570d ago

The game is almost worth it just for the extra zombie mode alone. That mode > Left4dead.

You get everything Left4dead gives you and with more. Building a fortress while fighting off zombies? COUNT ME IN!

Its a solid shooter. But because its not made by Infinity Ward and Treyarch has a lesser record plus its WW2 again, people dont like the game.

Oh yea, also because it has competition this time around. R2 will have no equal this Xmas. Sorry but hot damn 8 player COOP and 60 player online > bigger than anything else cept for LBP.

As for me, Im getting all three!

FCC4570d ago

All this guy did was b*tch and moan how the guns weren't realistically distributed and how the models were a little inferior to the COD4 models.

He never once did talk about gameplay, he never once talked about the vastly bigger maps, he never once talked about the variety of perks and weapons, he never talked about the zombie mode, he never talked about the 4 player co-op.

The only reason he finds this game is terrible is not team based spawn points, slightly inferior models, unrealistically distributed guns... that's why a game is TERRIBLE?

Jesus... And I thought a terrible game is one that doesn't have a very good multiplayer/single player and doesn't have replay value.

Damphear4570d ago

JUST STFU about this game.

its a ww2 game get over it its going to kick a$$ and your going to love it.

y0haN4570d ago

Lanoire it will not be better than Left 4 Dead, not by a long shot!

Lanoire4570d ago

Dude, are you kidding me. COD world at war plays the same like COD4.

Youre saying mediocre left4dead is better than COD4?


FCC4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Wow, I totally missed the CoD WaW > Left 4 Dead part Lanoire's post the first time I read it.


This is Valve we're talking about, almost all their games got 90+
All their games have amazing multiplayer and gameplay
All their games have a great narrative I.E. Half Life 2, Portal

I think you just want to downplay Left 4 Dead because you don't like the 360 or Valve because they messed up Orange Box. I checked your post history LaNoire, trolling is what I see.

Hell, I don't even have to look at your post history, your post here is enough to file you under fanboy.

EDIT: LaNoire, wow, Left 4 Dead will be a much better game than CoD WaW. Counterstrike is better than CoD4, Turtle Rock Studios which is now part of Valve made Counterstrike and now they're making Left 4 Dead.

There's no way that Counterstrike is mediocre, if you're judging Left 4 Dead's graphics are mediocre, you should know by know the graphics is only part of the pie, says most people playing Resistance 2. Turtle Rock Studios won't disappoint.

Left 4 Dead: Multiplayer GotY on all systems.

JsonHenry4570d ago

I've been playing the beta on the PC. And I have to say that I like it. Not sure what this guy is talking about unless he is just really burnt out on WW2 games.

BiggDaddy3114570d ago

Isn't Terrible I have it preordered (PS3 version so not in the beta). But I am worried seeing as how Tryarch are 0 for 2 with spiderman and James Bond. I had Quantum of Solice Pre-ordered but changed it once the reviews started coming down. Honestly though from what I have seen so far I am pretty impressed with this title. Can someone in the Beta verify how good it is?

Mozilla894570d ago

I'll be honest not having the right weapons kinda annoys me too. It was okay in COD4 cause I could see it happening. But when Infinity Ward did WW2 they gave the factions the right weapons. I don't think this game will be terrible, and ppl really rip into Treyarch more than they deserve but I see this as a 7-8/10 type of game in other words average.

FrankenLife4569d ago

First of all the reason a German in the game would have a Japanese gun is because you pick you class, then your team. If your class has a Japanese gun, then no matter who you are you have that gun. Sheees it isn't rocket science.

I thought I was going to hate this game, but after the beta I'm sold.

Jager4569d ago

FCC, dont act like ur a saint, i've read ur comments and everyone of them has been pretty much Anti BR, PSN, and PS3 in general, while praising XBL.

On topic, i highly doubt that this game will be better then L4D, maybe Graphically, but definatly not story wise, or gameplay for that matter.

shovelbum4569d ago

I am enjoying the beta. I like the maps I've seen so far for the most part and the dogs are freaking awesome. I thought it would be gimmicky until I had them sent out after me. Yeah it's COD4 with WWII painted all over it but that's a good thing IMO. The MP will be the same and judging from the numbers that still play COD4, they did the right thing there (if many of them switch over to WAW but dunno the answer to that). It would have been nice if they showed a little more effort with the small things but I will purchase day one for co-op alone.

DeadIIIRed4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

I'm going to be honest though and say I think this because of the crap they pull with PS3 owners. If they were under MS, I wouldn't care at all. However, as an "independent" developer they need to cater to everyone EQUALLY. And don't give me the whole "well the PS3's flux capacitater is to hard to equalize, hardy har har" bullsh!t. They blow because they're too lazy to get up off their Cheeto covered a**es and work.

No Way4569d ago

So, I take it, you have played Left4Dead, ehh?

Take your two bubbles and go away. Be Gone!

And, I say to you.. Failure.

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hombrehambre4570d ago

I agree with this. Infinity Ward needs to be given total control of the franchise.

RKRigney4570d ago

I think that they should just go all out and make a new IP.

tinydancer4570d ago

Yeah it'd be cool if they explored a whole new genre.

Bnet3434570d ago

Treyarch ... have they made any good games? Nope. I just looked at their resume. Nothing to give a damn about.

FCC4570d ago

Treyarch so far this gen has only made Spiderman games, James Bond games and CoD games... All mediocre, and I don't blame them.

How do you make a good Spiderman game?
Rare was the only one that made a good James Bond game
CoD3 only have 6-7 months of development time compared to the usual development cycle.

All they made is movie games and CoD, this game is Treyarch's test of prowess.

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hombrehambre4570d ago

I heard this game SUCKS on PS3.

RKRigney4570d ago

I'm pretty sure that they're about the same...

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lawman11084570d ago

COD3 I could not even get on line when I took it home. It will suc.k more on the PS3

The Matrix4570d ago

"Why Call of Duty: World at War will be TERRIBLE."

Um...because it has the words world and war in it?

abingdonboyz4569d ago

i heard that ur a D*CK. and this guy who made this comment is one too. WTF is he doing comparing them anyway. one is modern warfare the other is ww2. WTF! U cant start complaining about the difference in guns. what a a douche. god knows why he has a job talking about video games

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tinydancer4570d ago

I'm sticking with CoD4...

Volvobug4570d ago

agreed. to be fair, it would be hard to top, though.

Tristanh824570d ago

its the same engine as cod4, how will it suck, its gonna top cod4 by far and i loved that game.