Epic Games Store chief says they’ll eventually stop paying for exclusive PC games

The store now counts 85 million users, largely thanks to Fortnite

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roland82916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

How about stopping now and spend that money on improving your store? Give me a reason to choose you over Steam

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darthv72916d ago

So wait.... you have to choose one or the other Roland? Im sure others just use both.

JackBNimble916d ago

You do when they make a game exclusive to their store don't you?
The way EPIC is doing things ,it's their way or highway , there is no choice when a game is exclusive to the epic store.

Tross915d ago

I think it's great that PC gives us options for where we can get our digital games, but I also like simplicity. I have a GOG account, but I mostly use Steam because it's just convenient to have the majority of my PC game library in one place. Sure, using more than one service is always an option, but I would also rather not have a million accounts if I don't have to. Plus, I just like how Steam displays my library.

MasterChief3624916d ago

I think that is exactly the reason they're buying up so many exclusives, actually. To draw people there and keep them there.

Kabaneri916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

Epic Games Store is the beginning of the end for Steam.

Larrysweet915d ago

Funnily i have epic and steam and i dont cry abought it wtf pc is digital anyway makes no diff wjere game comes from long as works shutup already

Teflon02915d ago

the features make a difference and Steam is the best consumer store on PC period no arguments.

SickSinceSix915d ago

GOG is the best for consumers since the games are DRM free but Steam does have the larger library.

Araragifeels 916d ago

Honestly, Epic should start making AAA games again for their Epic Game Store but sadly, they won't because of fornite.

ElementX915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

How many of those 85m users have bought or played anything other than Fortnite on the service? Probably less than 1m.

TacoTaco915d ago

It's enough of a percentage to let Metro Exodus sell 2.5x more than Last Light did on Steam at launch.

ElementX915d ago

True, but without actual numbers that doesn't really mean much

TacoTaco915d ago

It means that Steam's legacy and the negative blowback from the sudden platform switch didn't hurt Metro's sales potential.