10 key battles that will define the future of gaming as next gen draws near

As cloud gaming rewrites the rules, the war for next-gen supremacy will be fought across data, services, exclusives and faux friendships

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gamingunited211d ago

Cloud gaming hasn't re-written anything yet. I'm really tired of hearing how this will be successful before they have even sold a single unit.

Moonman211d ago

I can't wait for users to see "content not available in your country" when they try to play a game on WACK!

SuperSonic91210d ago

The faux friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo is like the political parties. The fanbases are running around like crazy as they gang up against PlayStation or Google for that matter. LoL.
There is no permanent enemies nor friends for that matter. LoL WWF cringe material really. What a pathetic shit show.

But one thing for sure the divorce between Sony and Nintendo is a permanent one and PS benefitted most from that split.

Einhander1971210d ago

Nintendo do there own thing that's what sets them apart.