Nintendo Reveals The 10 Current Best-Selling Indie Games On Switch

Kotaku writes: "Indie games make up a crucial and vibrant part of the Switch’s great library of games, as evidenced by yesterday’s Nindies showcase. At the Game Developers Conference event today, Nintendo shared which indie games have sold best on Switch up until now. While many of them are familiar faces, like Stardew Valley, a few new games have crept onto the list, including Overcooked 2."

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eagle21814d ago

They said Top 10 "all-time" best selling but in no particular order....

Stardew Valley
Hollow Knight
Overcooked 2
Dead Cells
Enter the Gungeon
Graceful Explosion Machine
Golf Story

Jin_Sakai814d ago

Love Stardew Valley. Dead Cells looks interesting but I haven’t played it yet

SockeyBoy814d ago

Oh dead cells is amazing, a lot of trial and error. Golf story is a very cool game too

NecrumOddBoy814d ago

Golf Story is a 9.99999/10.

I hope that the devs are given a chance to create an old school Mario Golf