Capcom is Back: How The Dev Became This Gen’s MVP

Capcom is at the top of their game and could just be this gen’s MVP.

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CrimsonWing69708d ago

Man, Capcom is seriously my favorite dev this gen. RE7, Monster Hunter World, RE2, and DMC V. It seems like every year I'm playing something from them I love and I even got back into Dragon's Dogma. Keep it up, Capcom!

KingHippo19708d ago

Same! Already this year I feel they have two game of the year candidates with DMC5 and RE2. And it's just March lol.

DVAcme708d ago

Dude, you must be my long lost brother, cause I got Dragon's Dogma again too, lol. And yeah, Capcom's been on a tear lately. Can't wait for Iceborne :)

rainslacker707d ago

They certainly have turned it around compared to the start of the gen. They aren't my personal MVP, but I can't say I don't enjoy Capcom's games.

Vandamme21708d ago

I enjoyed RE2, Street Fighter 5, Marvel vs capcom Infinite, Megaman 11, DMC5 and RE7. The only game I didn’t play was Monster Hunter world. It just wasn’t my type of game.

KingHippo19708d ago

Glad you enjoyed all the games. I liked them all too, and I'm also a big MonHun fan so really happy MHW is so good (and sold over 12M copies)

AntiZeal0t708d ago

I couldn't get into Monster Hunter either, not my cup of tea I guess.

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Miss_Vixen708d ago

Very glad to see Capcom returning to their roots with the likes of RE 7, RE 2 Remake, Monster Hunter World, & DMC 5.
I hope they'll keep this up with the eventual RE 3 Remake, as well as bring back some of their other classics such as Dino Crisis & Breath of Fire games.

KingHippo19708d ago

Would be awesome. I'm also hoping the Dragon's Dogma on Switch means another game is coming, and also they just put Onimusha on PS4 and Xbox One, hoping again that means a new Onimusha in the works.

DVAcme707d ago

I think Dragon's Dogma 2 is a good bet. The game being ported to Switch (which I think is a fantastic idea) plus the recently announced DD anime for Netflix are very good signs that Capcom is not sitting idle on the franchise.

dapper708d ago

Great read! Man once RE 2 Remake hit, I knew this was going to be a big year for Capcom, what a return to form!

KingHippo19708d ago

Yeah quality through the roof. RE 2 Remake was amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.