Gamers Hub: Resistance 2 Multiplayer Beta Preview

Gamers Hub recently got a chance to test out the online multiplayer capabilities for Resistance 2 from Insomniac. They've made some big promises, like having class development and larger, more intense co-op play. Of course, the biggest claim is the availability of epic 60 player online battles. Here are some of their first impressions.

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Jager4032d ago

"After a few games of co-op, I gave the competition mode a shot. There were a few different game types, but I only tested out the Team Deathmatch mode. I was mostly interested if the massive 60 player matches worked like advertised and if the game’s mechanics were solid.

Now I mentioned in the opening that I was mostly anticipating the 60 player games. And I did got a shot to try one out. It worked just fine. The connection showed no lag at all. Even when I connected via wireless. Though in the beta version I didn’t notice any squad based play like I’ve read on Resistance 2’s website, maybe that feature was turned off as well. So it was pretty much a slug fest. Fun, though nothing too unique. Of course, being a blanched out version of the full release, when the extra content is available, the matches will probably change altogether."

Guy needs to check his sources... The Squads are in SKIRMISH MODE, not TDM. But yes, i agree with him about the no lag.

"There was one last feature which I believe was the most notable, design wise. That was the use of a master, sortable server list to find and join games. Why other online PS3 games don’t use this is a mystery to me."

ALL PS3 ONLINE EXCLUSIVES USE THIS FEATURE. God damn, Warhawk? RFOM? MGO? Socom? Killzone 2? (Not out i know, but GG confirmed it)... Again, he needs to check his sources, otherwise, good article.