5 Games Everyone Was Surprised Weren't Total Flops

Author Writes: The video game industry can be brutal at times, but there are still some tremendous success stories out there, from games that everyone thought would fail.

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MeteorPanda617d ago

l mean..ffxiv did flop. so hard the dev team went 'no. were not fucking delivering this hot garbage as an entry to ff series!" and went full ham. giving us the glorious FF:xiv realm reborn.

GameBoyColor617d ago

Yeah ffxiv is literally had to go and phoenix itself to be how good it is now.

Spenok616d ago

Actually, SE said no, and fired the creative director, and much of the original team. It was Yoshi P and his hand picked team that not only made the game free to play for the first almost year, but redesigned the entire game (including graphics engine), and turned it into the amazing masterpiece it is now.

AK91617d ago

Goddamn Twinfinite you guys always come up with interesting list but then you make em multi page.

PhantomS42617d ago

Fortnite did flop. It wasn't until they straight up ripped off another mode from a different game that anyone cared.

porkChop617d ago

Yeah, Save the World flopped hard. No one plays it. It was supposed to be free too.

TK-66617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

You're out of touch if you thought Nier: Automata was going to be a flop and didn't see it performing well critically and commercially.

DVAcme617d ago

Indeed. As far as developers go, Platinum has one of the most impressive records of them all.

Spenok616d ago

I think they're just trying to point out that the first flopped hard, and that due to that, this game had almost nothing going for it except that Platinum was working on it. Which alone is a HUGE deal.

chris235617d ago

me personally, i am surprised everytime the next contentless lootershooter gets bought like mad.

Spenok616d ago

Uh... people clearly like looter shooter games. Or just loot whore style games in general.