Quake Champions Reveals An Impressive March Update

Looks like a great time to jump back in the Arena as the Quake Champions March Update is here.

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Profchaos612d ago

I love this game I just wish it was more popular

Garethvk612d ago

They need to promote ir more. Inhooe they do at their E3 showcase.

Profchaos612d ago

Hopefully they do I feel like it is geared towards older gamers who spent countless hours on crappy internet connections battling it out on quake or UT so getting a younger crowd into it is hard especially since the popular games right now are nothing like quake.
I miss those old-school feel games where you didn't need to unlock weapons by reaching level 60.

Garethvk612d ago (Edited 612d ago )

They also need to set it as final with updates to come. It was marketed as a work in progress game for so long that many stepped back to wait for what they expected to be a final release. They never reay said this is the final game and we will update and expand so many see it as an ongoing Beta.