Obsidian apparently unaware of Outer Worlds' Epic exclusivity

The Outer Worlds exclusivity came as a shocker to another community of fans who were disgruntled after it moved to Epic following a period of marketing on Steam. It turns out that maybe not even Obsidian Entertainment was aware of the move.

TK-661896d ago

Publishers seriously need to stop doing this.

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sander97021896d ago

They will stop once the Chinese communist party stops ordering Tencent to increase their influence in the western world.

rainslacker1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I honestly find it hard to believe. The producer would certainly be made aware of it, and the producer is responsible for informing the dev. The dev may still be powerless to do anything about it, and probably would be, but I don't really believe it when I hear these kinds of admissions. It's possible they may not inform the dev until soon before the announcement, or very shortly after, but the dev wouldn't be left in the dark to find this out on their own from the internet. Such things cause a disruption if they aren't controlled.

I think they say this just to try and not get the heat on them, and end up getting the sympathy votes. Most publishers are OK playing the bad guy, while the devs tend to appeal to people's human side.

Pyrofire951896d ago

No keep doing it. This competition will be good, Steam has gotten too lazy. There could become a problem with doing exclusives everywhere like in the anime industry but all these services are free to use you just need to click a different icon.

TK-661896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

This is not competition and Valve hasn't been lazy with Steam. I'm not repeating myself to show you how ignorant you are.

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battlegrog1896d ago

So because the publish was already signed onto this game before MS bought them ? MS still has no say in this one game ? that blows wow that would have been a huge elusive xbox game.

jznrpg1896d ago

It’s going to be on PS too

Eldyraen1896d ago

I believe it’s Take Two’s new “indie publisher” that is publishing it. Sort of like EA Original’s or whatever that did games like Ravel but don’t own the ip.

They just help and distribute and take their cut pre-Developer cost/profit margins.

l3w1s1896d ago

Ah, yes. That "elusive xbox game". Has anyone seen games for an Xbox? Can't find any, too elusive.

Sciurus_vulgaris1896d ago

Microsoft didn't not buy-out the publishing rights for the Outer Worlds from Private Division (Take- 2) when they purchased Obsidian.

rainslacker1896d ago

Yeah. Even if MS, or anyone, buys a studio, the company buying the studio is still responsible for honoring any contracts that may exist at the time of purchase. When you buy another company, you take on their assets, their debt, and their liabilities....which in this case was finishing the game for the original publisher...who I can't remember off the top of my head.

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Cmv381896d ago

Couldn't they just cancel PC release.... rename the game.... and release it on PC on all available stores?

This is coming from a place of being uninformed.

dumahim1896d ago

No. There's contracts to deal with and if the developer just decided to "cancel" a game they had in progress, they're going to have to deal with breaking their contracts.

RememberThe3571896d ago

I appreciate that last sentence.