Phil Harrison: Stadia starts an "inevitable and one-way shift" away from consoles

Google VP also addresses concerns about bandwidth caps and those cryptic game teases shown before the keynote.

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Eonjay1943d ago

We will see what happens with this. Right now if it became the only option out there most of us around the world wouldn't be gaming. Technology and internet infrastructure still need to advance to make it viable for everyone.
Let's see where this goes in 10 years.

uth111943d ago

people were having the exact same discussions 10 years ago around Onlive, and mony people's internet quality hasn't improved much since

SuperSonic911942d ago

So Shuhei Yoshida was there at the keynote.
Well that is very interesting indeed.

I wonder what is the deal with SIE games going to Stadia.

ShadowWolf7121942d ago


Yoshida attends Nintendo and Xbox events too. Has for years.

Where's them PS games on Xbox and Switch, yo?

tehpees31942d ago


And On Live was early and didn't have a large scale company like Google backing it. Like I said yesterday believing it will fail is extremely short sighted because if a company as big as Google or Apple enter the market you know they intend to be there to see it through.

Having Google's hype behind it instantly gives it an advantage over On Live because people trust Google rather than just a random brand name that just popped up out of nowhere.

SuperSonic911942d ago

@ shadow

For the record let it be known by all that the rights to all Spider-man consumer products tied to the movie titles are owned by Sony.

Activision: "We are thrilled to accept this award from LIMA," states Plager.  "It underscores the tremendous worldwide appeal of the Spider-Man brand among the vast array of high-quality licensed products available in the marketplace.  This honor recognizes the hard work and dedication of everyone at Treyarch, Activision and our partners at Marvel and Sony."

The Spider-Man vide o game was developed by Activision through a license from Spider-Man Merchandising LP, a 50/50 limited partnership comprised of Marvel Enterprises, Inc. and Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc.  Spider-Man Merchandising LP oversees the licensing and merchandising for the Columbia Pictures "Spider-Man™ 2" motion picture as well as Sony Pictures Television's new "Spider-Man" animated television series.  The "Spider-Man™ 2" motion picture and the new "Spider-Man" animated television series are both based on the Marvel character."

So yeah Sony had lots of their own stuff published on Nintendo and Xbox and PC.

You guys are just lazy to do your homework.

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Fluttershy771942d ago

We, the hardcore gamers won't support it, but what about the casuals? ... I see this, if its done right, as a great option for them
and @uth11 Do you hear what you are saying? Led Zeppelin's song 10 years gone... and it has improved! maybe not for you, but last 10 years the changes have been drastic

optimus1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

@fluttershy....i don't mind it at all...people were hesitant on converting from cd music to digital and now finding a record store is like coming across Stonehenge and marvel at the years that once was...the last time i bought a cd was over 5 years ago (only to rip it on a pc so i can listen to it as i had no cd player) same goes for dvd's. and here we are, people STILL enjoy their movies in their digital iterations, some people are even selling their physical counterparts, cleaning their dusty shelves, racks or boxes; people are just afraid of change but eventually they conform, accept, and learn to embrace it...as far as games go...

picture this possible scenario,(remove all the lagging problems people ASSUME it will have).... say the next assassins creed comes out next year for all consoles including stadia...except it's $60 for the physical and digital versions BUT on stadia it's $15 day 1...no need to wait for download or patches. and you can play it just about anywhere you go with no problems, do you really think people aren't going to flock to that option? that's what google is banking on.

Fluttershy771942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

@optimus Well of course reality is what it is, but we are allowed to be against it. I don't like my music digital,in fact I buy the music I really like - you'll probably laugh - vinyl (better sound quality). I hate netflix (I can never find the movie I want to watch there, and the quality is sht) I buy my movies on Blu-ray
In this day and age, maybe you can't find a record store (I do support the local one and I think we all should), but I'm able to find even new albums releases on vinyl online, easily...
I really don't mind about what the masses chooses to do... Consumers as a whole are easily manipulated... Oh yeah it's so cheap, hey $15!!!... at first... then one day you'll find yourself paying for extra save files.
You'll find yourself waiting for the ads to end because they are interrupting your favorite Metal Gear Solid moment. You'll find that you don't own any of the games, and probably you want to replay an old game you liked, but it isn't there anymore, because it wasn't popular enough... Who cares? You got Assassins Creed!!!

optimus1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

@Fluttershy....that's basically my point. you can be against any form of new media but it's not going to matter much if it's convenient and makes money. buying your media in physical form is fine but you limit your consumption of it. where you and people like you were once considered the masses of the industry, are now a niche group. where you might find the unique sound of a needle scraping in the grooves between the tracks of a vinyl record endearing, others love the noiseless transition of tracks on a cd or mp3....

yes, consumers are easily manipulated which is why companies pay millions to put their ads on tv's...and consumers won't mind it if said product brings a level of convenience with it...cable companies are losing customers by the thousands on a monthly basis because of the convenience (and price) that comes with streaming...gaming is no different... i have a whole rack of games i USED to play last generation and some this generation. the more i look at it the more i realize it's just taking up space...selling or trading any of those games will profit me enough for a decent lunch for 2 people...not really worth the hundreds i spent on them originally....ownership is overrated at that point...plus, games will never die if their roms still exist somewhere on the web...the many roms sites today is proof of that.

however, if i had access to them in digital format and access to them anywhere at any time then i would likely play a few of them again should the nostalgia strike me without worry of getting something scratched or my disc drive suddenly not working...again, convenience is what will drive the industry forward and google and Microsoft are seeing this now....

having in game ads interrupt your game is just mere speculation on your part. we're talking about a subscription service here; no different than the music streaming services that are commercial free with a paid subscription.

Stevonidas1941d ago

With Phil Harrison running things, they're sure to fuck something up. How that guy keeps getting hired is beyond my understanding.

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XiNatsuDragnel1943d ago

I want this to fail tbh so can we have options in the future

SuperSonic911942d ago

How about PS Now on PC?
Its the same idea isn't it?

XiNatsuDragnel1941d ago

Still not successful and meant as an option not a permanent thing

mcstorm1941d ago

Tbh I think Google are going the wrong way about it.

I think Microsofts vision of having a choice of cloud and console is the direction people/companys will go.

The way its seems its going to be sold is xcloud will be for casual market but also an added extra to play your owned games on the go./away from your home console.

For me that's a better option. Adding services in there like game pass is also a bonus. We also don't know what 3rd party games will be on Google service. For it to work they will need COD, Fifa to name a few. I also think it needs to be cross play to because of the small user base it will have at the start.

For me I think this is the start of a new way to play games with just a device connected to the Web but I also think Sony Nintendo and Microsoft have the advantage because of the big name exclusives, having full consoles and then offering this as a service to.

Only time will tell if this will be a hit or not but for me I'm more interested in xcloud than this from what has been said but when all said and done we won't know what they are like until we get to play them for our self's.

2pacalypsenow1943d ago

The last thing we need is Google dominating another sector.

I hope this fails, leave gaming to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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crazyCoconuts1942d ago

MS is better positioned than Google here. I'm assuming the power advantage on the cloud won't amount to that much when you factor in the REAL resolution you get with compressed and dynamic streams as well as the fact that new and more powerful consoles are on the way in a year or two.

Shikoku1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

They will be announced this year dude bank on it

Thundercat771942d ago

If MS power of the cloud is as powerful as the power of the cloud in Crackdown 3, then they are in trouble.

Dragonscale1942d ago

That depends on what ms plans are and its not looking good tbh. Dunno about Sony but can't see Nintendo going down that route tbh.

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Kurupt1942d ago

Honestly hope it fails...i like traditional consoles and my physical copies..so Google can f*** off with ur "I'm taking over and that's that"..

JackBNimble1942d ago

I really don't think traditional consoles are going anywhere anytime soon.
Until 5G infrastructure is mainstream without data caps then streaming can only remain limited for most people.

bluefox7551942d ago

Yeah, no thanks. I hate that I'm forced to use Google products as it is. I won't be buying their sh*tty game service.

SephirothX211941d ago

A lot of people speaking prematurely here. Just because you don't like the idea of something, doesn't mean its shitty. You haven't tried it yet. Streaming is the future. It's just a matter of when. Consoles for people with poor internet. Streaming for the rest. Network speeds and infrastructure will improve to the point where input speed differences are negligible. Consoles don't come out quickly enough to be able to take advantage of current technological breakthroughs. Streaming will allow much faster hardware upgrades. A game company will eventually not provide both options because it will not be viable due to the hardware differences between the console and the hardware in the data centres that is being upgraded a lot more frequently.