Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass – Operencia: The Stolen Sun, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Vampyr

From XBOX: "Hello fellow Xbox Game Pass fans! It’s only been a hot minute since we last dropped games into your ever-expanding library, but we’re ready to roll with even more (sorry not sorry to the titles waiting in your backlog). Since this is a blog post and not an infomercial, please use your best narrator voice and say, “but wait, there’s more!” right now. Apologies in advance if you start doing that every time we announce more games, because not gonna lie, we plan to continue dropping fresh titles all the time."

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gangsta_red338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Vampyr is an excellent game. The story and voice acting are top notch. I would definitely recommend anyone who has GP to try that.

GP coming through yet again!

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite!!! My oh my ..never played it, now I will

Kribwalker338d ago

i’ll definitely check out Vampyr and Marvel Capcom infinite should be great to try too

TK-66338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Personally I'd say this isn't the best addition to the service but you can't get everything you want every month so it is what it is. What Remains of Edith Finch is all I'm really interested in but I still have a bunch of achievement hunting to do so that'll keep me occupied.

If you haven't played Mankind divided though its definitely a good month.

gangsta_red338d ago

I actually haven't played Mankind Divided, I had on my backlog que for Gamefly forever, so yeah that is another good addition.

Check out Vampyr though. It has it's issues but the story more than makes up for it.

TK-66338d ago

I may check it out. Depends on how much of my time Shovel Knight: Showdown takes up.

XtaZ338d ago

Woah these are some great additions! Been wanting to play Vampyr since release, but I have been working on reducing my backlog before buying any new games. Will definitely play it on GP now though.

Razzer338d ago

Agree on the story and voice acting. The gameplay is a bit repetitive and I think the benefit/consequences of actually doing stuff a vampire would do are off a bit. Needed more a-hole NPCs that you didn't mind killing, imo. But overall it is a good game. Great add for GP.

gangsta_red338d ago

"Needed more a-hole NPCs that you didn't mind killing, imo"

Lmao, I definitely 100% agree with this.

rainslacker338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Dontnod is one of those developers that too often goes under the radar. Remember me was an amazing AAA game. Fell into some tropes, and got overshadowed by other big games, but the story was excellent, the game play solid, and overall, a great experience. Life is Strange we all know. Captain Spirit just came and went, but was really good. And Vampyr was something different in the same genre.

I like the work they're doing now, but would like to see them attempt another AAA game on the level of Remember Me, because it was unique in what it tried to do, and showed some signs of real ingenuity in the time mechanics, which was improved upon in a modified way in Life is Strange.

Anyhow, and back on topic, a nice addition of games here.

gangsta_red338d ago

I hardly remember...Remember Me..(ha). But looking at the gameplay it's starting to come back. Didn't the game get ripped by critics? Or it was possibly overshadowed by bigger releases.

Looking at that game and this one this developer does some good work and I feel they're just one step away from actually breaking through to the big time with their triple A games.

The quality in Vampyr was very good, but the gameplay at times was questionable, very repetitive and not very hard. Plus getting around their open world was somewhat of a chore to do. If they could just put a little bit more effort into those things, they could be right up there with the best developers of the industry.

rainslacker338d ago

It was decisive among the critics. PC version was broken as I recall, and the meta currently sits around 70 for the consoles themselves. Most of the reviews were positive or mixed, and there was no real outward dislike of the game. It generally got good previews during it's marketing phase.

Game wasn't without it's flaws, and it's game play is what held it back. Solid, yet nothing really new or amazing. The story I think is what divided a lot of people. It was different, yet in some ways the same. What it did different was great, and is what made it unique. Same as they did with Life is Strange. Many tropes, but some things which were very unique.

I don't think they've ever made a bad game, and their vision for art style is impressive. Remember Me was visually stunning IMO, and offered up what I consider one of the better realized worlds of last gen, and didn't just feel like another Unreal game, which were so ubiquitous at the time.

Vampyr was really good. I didn't have any issues with the game play itself, but I felt it could have been better at times. I think they focused more on story than game play, which isn't uncommon for the genre. It's why I'd like to see them try another AAA game, because I think they have the potential to realize something new because they seem to have that bug for creative ideas, and just need the chance and resource to realize them.

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timotim338d ago

Some good games on the list. Happy gaming to everyone.

spicelicka338d ago

Really wanted to play Mankind divided!

mark_parch338d ago

I've heard good things about what remains of Eidith Finch, might give it a try or add it to my already huge backlog lol

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