Kotaku: Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Review

Spider-Man has faced off against many a foe in his long and storied career, but none quite as sinister as the last two video games based on his adventures. After two excellent video game outings, the movie-based Spider-Man 3 was a bug-filled mess rushed to release, and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe grounded our favorite hero in favor of action of a more kid-friendly kind.

Now Activision, aided by developers Treyarch and Shaba, seek to rescue Spidey from bad video game hell with the release of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, a decidedly darker take on the classic tale of irradiated spider-infected man versus evil alien symbiote. Will they save the day, or is it too late for the webbed wonder?

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Groo4033d ago

My personal opinion, i think its a bad idea not to include unlockables in a game like this, extra costumes etc.. but thats just me.