Destructoid: Velvet Assassin Preview

Velvet Assassin is a stealth action game with more emphasis on the stealth than the action. The first mission started off with Violette parachuting into France with nothing but a knife and no backup at all. Violette's objective was to enter a nearby diesel storage facility that supplied German troops and blow it up.

That's easier said than done -- there are Nazis all over the place. The first few Nazis are pretty easy to kill and will remind players of the only good part of the latest Turok game -- stabbing is fun! Violette will stab Nazis through the head, neck, back, and wait for it ... the taint. She has a stab move where she will stab enemies in the taint and then stab them right through the back of the head, as if she wants the smell of the taint as the last thing the Nazi feels.

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