Why We Need To Stop Buying Online Games Day One

I thought I learned my lesson. I thought being burned by Destiny 1 & 2 and The Division at launch would have been enough for me, but no, it was not. Is it high time we stop supporting these incomplete games at launch?

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ApocalypseShadow755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Used to buy most of my games at launch before all the patches and brokenness that came over from PC developers making games on consoles. Yes, some games in the past had bugs you could find. But testers and quality control staff used to play and play games to make sure games worked from beginning to end. That's before the Internet.

Now that task has been placed on the gamers to find these bugs so that games can be patched. But we're not getting paid for it even though we're paying full price mostly like the old days. What other products are we sold as consumers where we have to find the defects ourselves? None. And there are warranties. Not for software. Yeah, games are getting bigger. But so are their pofits. So why aren't the profits being used to test the games fully? Hmm...

As for online games, I don't buy them if they are online only. I'll buy games with the option to. But online only? Nope. They can be fun. But there's no value if they turn the servers off. No trade in value. No reason to lend a friend if the game don't work.

If more gamers thought and researched and voted with their wallets, these developers wouldn't be getting away with broken, unfinished, buggy games that developers are still asking money for. My list of trusted developers is small. And even then, I'll wait now that games are releasing unfinished.

755d ago
Batchild27755d ago

100% agree with you on that.

sevilha82755d ago

i agree with everything you said,to me the worse part is that most games come unfinished,on were the consumer pays full price,then continue to pay the for the same title to acces the rest of the content.Growing up in the 80´s and 90´s that just destroys my belief on the future of the industry,to this date there are so litlle studios i still respect and follow.

Batchild27753d ago

It feels like an insult to our intelligence, honestly. If the game is going to be half-baked, they market it as an early access/test phase. If No Man's Sky was $20 or $30 would we have had such an uproar over it? Maybe not...