Top 5 game sales per system worldwide in week 44, 2008

What are the best-selling games in America, Japan, and Europe this week? Thanks to Amazon online sales data here are the games that are the most popular right now. Fallout 3 debuts as number one on the Xbox 360 and PC charts. LittleBigPlanet also debuts on top of the PS3 chart.

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aggh im on fire4028d ago

Amazon's sales don't really mean anything do they.

Supa4028d ago

Yeah it does, it's a great indicator for popularity of the (new) games released in different regions around the world. It sure beats waiting for NPD to release US-only sales lists once a month.

season0074027d ago


Amazon UK=UK=Europe

That's a HUGE assumption

SaiyanFury4026d ago

It looks like Japan is still favouring RPGs, at least on the PS2. With any luck once the PS3 RPG explosion begins, it will start seeing increased sales, at least after the new console bundle drops. The recent sales of the console blow over there because they're a budget minded people. Why by a current version when a superior version for the money will be out soon?

doctorstrange4028d ago

is that for preorders they generally dont have the goodies. for example LBP naruko costume can only be gotten from preorderin from

Charlie26884027d ago

Amazon used to have there own pre order bonuses like the Shinra UMD pack for Crisis Core or the Limited Edition Cell for Lost Planet among others..but they don't seem to be doing it anymore :(

I hope they start having more bonuses in the future, one of the cool things hey implemented recently was the whole launch day delivery which was basically for a small fee they delivering the game to you the day it was launched which I thought was pretty sweet considering some games get sold out day 1 in regular retailers...look at Bioshock for example

TheColbertinator4027d ago

Wii Fit and Wii Music beat Fallout 3 and LBP? What BS!

Algullaf4027d ago

u know how many wii sold worldwide wii>>> ps3sales+xboxsales

more hardware = more software sells u got it dude?

ChickeyCantor4026d ago

O noeooes the Dooms day is comming!! xD.

Ap3theBad4027d ago

is kinda kool.. i like'em personally for their prices on certain sales they got going often enuf.

but i dont get it?? the japanese need to get with the program and relize that technology grows each day and ps3 is the best way to go.... the only thing keeping wii alive is the stuppid wii fit wii music wii play or wutever tho's things are called.

if you REALLY wanna get exercise and participate in activities then go and GET OUT of the damn house and go do something in reality man. wii is nothing new and xcox is just trending off bits and pieces of others and bribing dev's.... but ps3 is trying to accually do something with there gaming and hardware.

anyways wut im trying to say is that phuck xbox and phuck wii.

jjl4027d ago

Japanese people are very in tune with technology. You might live in America, where land is aplenty, but not so much in many Asian countries. Megacity Tokyo already has very little space dedicated to road pavement, much of their highways are built on top of existing roads. Not to blab on about urban infrastructure, the gist is there isn't much room to "GET OUT". Wii fit lets people exercise at home for a cheap price. There is more to gaming than simply hardware, and the wii has captured the bigger audience through many other innovative ways. Sony is trying this to capture a bigger audience too, by providing an all in one entertainment unit. At least it helped out Blu-ray.

Captain_Sony4026d ago

No what you are saying is" I'm desperate for someone to support my last palce console because I am worried that things are going to get worse. I mean I bought into the hype and bought the PS3 based off of Sony's false promises why cant people in Japan be just as spineles and do the same thing I am doing." Thats pretty much what I got from the post anyway.

ultimolu4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Captain Sony...please show me in *writing* that Sony promised anything. They may have screwed up on numerous occasions but I don't recall them promising anything.

They may be in 3rd place but they're bringing the goods, all of which makes it worth it to own a PS3.

And Amazon is a reliable source because it's a major retailer.

cheapndirty4026d ago

The Japanese lead the world on early adoption of the latest bleeding edge technology. Look it up.

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