Top ten scary movies that should get videogame adaptations

John Carpenters The Thing got it's own game. So did Gremlins 2, and The City of Lost Children. Evil Dead got two of its own games, and neither of them very good. Actually, none of the movie-to-game adaptations Destructoid has named so far have been very good; but they all could have been. They believe there is an untapped potential for a unity between horror films and videogames, as the two have more in common than some realize.

Fear is what scary movies are all about, and fear is most intensely felt when you think you're going to die. Videogames, from Asteroids to Space Invaders, have always been better than movies at capturing that feeling for them. Almost all videogames end when you die, where most movies -- even the scariest ones -- end with at least one main character surviving. Like horror movies, videogames have always been more about fending off attacks and escaping doom than anything else; more about action and atmosphere than dialog and character development.

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