DS outsells GBA, Wii outsells N64

The GBA, the popular successor to the GBC, sold 81million units in its lifetime. Nintendo released sales figures which revealed record sales, and that the Nintendo Ds has finally outsold the GBA in terms of total units sold...

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ape0075743d ago

nintendo,we want a nextgen system or ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

UltimateIdiot9115743d ago

I highly doubt that will happen. With the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft, I would say it's smart of Nintendo to not directly compete with them.

Danja5743d ago

I agree it was very smart of Nintendo not to compete with Sony/MS with an HD consoles they would have been in the exact same place as with the Gamecube...

im sure they're planning an HD version of the Wii though..

PikkonX5743d ago

If Nintendo is no longer going to compete with horsepower in the console realm, I hope they will at least go all out on their next handheld. Hopefully something way more powerful than the PSP.

Danja5743d ago

im sure Nintendo's next handheld will produce graphics we are now seeing on the PSP the DS is 64bit so im sure there next handheld will be 128bit...

SaiyanFury5742d ago (Edited 5742d ago )

Well there's two bug "duh"s. Of course the DS outsold the GBA, it's more interactive and there's better games for it. And the Wii outselling the N64? Another big, duh. Nintendo is focusing more on the casual crowd and there's a huge crowd of casuals out there to buy the console more than the N64 tried to appeal to the cores. Simple numbers show that. The N64 wasn't a bad system but it had mostly niche games save GoldenEye and a few others like Super Mario 64. But the awful controller and other bad software kept it from competing with Sony's original PlayStation. Arguably gaming's best console. People might disagree with me here, but the original PS redefined the industry into the 3rd dimension. As such there were so many amazing games it's hard to compare it to others. Just a personal thought.

PikkonX5742d ago

Actually, both the PSP and DS run on 32-bit CPUs. How many bits the CPU is, is not an indication of power.

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OOG5743d ago

they just keep printing money these past few years....

DevastationEve5743d ago

Advance was cool. But nothing ever beat the coolness that was a GB Color equipped with a GB Camera! I actually had three add-on cartridges for my GB color: the GB GameShark, GB Mega Memory, and the GB Camera. I tried connecting them all at once...it was weird.

On topic, go Nintendo...you dirty nintendogs you!

FBl5743d ago

Ps2 outsells them both combined

pshizle5742d ago

way better console than wii

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