Accelerating The Real-Time Ray Tracing Ecosystem: DXR For GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX

GeForce RTX delivers up to 2-3 times faster ray tracing framerates, and now, GeForce GTX enables basic ray tracing.

Einhander19711920d ago

Definitely the future of visuals in video games.


PlayStation Store "Mid-Year" Sale Launches, Over 2,000 Items Listed

Sony has kicked off the PlayStation Store "Mid-Year" sale, and this one houses both indies and AAA titles. Check out the full list of deals.

OtterX19h ago

Yet again, thank you so much for the collapsible tabs. Much appreciated organization!


Last orders on this tasty deal that serves up 7 cooking games for $12 - all work on Steam Deck

This Humble Bundle offer lets you save more than $160 on seven cooking games, as you can grab the bundle for only $12. Plus, two DLCs too.


THQ Nordic has just announced that they are to attend the Gamescom 2024 event

"Whatever we said, whatever we did - we didn't mean it, we just will be back for good! We are thrilled to announce that after a year of absence, THQ Nordic is making a grand return to Cologne for gamescom 2024." - THQ Nordic.