Xbox 360 "CD" Versus "Hard Drive Install" Game Quality Comparison

PC World examines whether the New Xbox Experience hard drive install option improves Fable 2's visuals:

"Since how Fritz or I "feel" the visuals compare is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to what is or isn't transpiring, I took a stab at a picture for picture comparison standing at the spot in Bower Lake just outside the gypsy camp. These are rough and ready snaps from a save game load, but I've ensured all the color profiling and quality metrics are identical."

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sonarus4032d ago

imo HD load looks worse but its probably from variation in the spot the image was taken from

JsonHenry4032d ago

Right now every PC gamer that reads this sort of article is laughing their asses off!

WHAT exactly about loading a game onto your HDD do you think is going to cause you to have a difference in visuals?! WHAT?!?! It is the SAME DAMN DATA regardless of whether it is being read from a DVD or and HDD!!!

Why o why4032d ago

i agree

graphics no, performance, probably especially if games were developed with the hdd in mind

Kevin McCallister4032d ago

Ben Fritz needs to quit. That is one of the most ridiculous things I've read in a while. Unless MS actually worked some kind of magic into the update, the only visual changes you'll notice will be less texture pop-ins.

FBl4032d ago

Fable II still looks like a disappointment

TheXgamerLive4031d ago

FBI, your a little b1tch boy, period.

NickIni4031d ago

FBI, your hilarious, but I disagree. Fable 2 has it's glitches, a lot in fact, but it doesn't stop it being in insane game. My favourite Xbox game ever in fact.

FBl4032d ago

It's no wonder Microsoft are pulling their Gears of War 2 ads

spartan112g4032d ago

Resistance is just an alright game. It is fun, but not as fun as Gears 2. I have played both.

FBl4032d ago

Upon further investigation of the graphics in Fable II,it appears the reason for low-res textures is due to the absence of CELL processing

spartan112g4032d ago

why are you still talking?

FBl4032d ago

Fable II has become Failble II

spartan112g4032d ago

Lets take a look at Fallout 3 for the PS3,or would that hurt you too much.

she00win994031d ago

hahaha i love this guy..

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The story is too old to be commented.