Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC team talks cross-play, Xbox Play Anywhere

With Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC on the horizon, 343 Industries has expanded on its cross-play and Xbox Play Anywhere plans.

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slavish0618d ago

Bring kb&m support to Xbox. Problem solved. Also controller or kb&m filter option. This will be epic for the franchise. Trolls going to hate positive news

spicelicka617d ago

I think that shouldn't be hard considering KBM support is already on Xbox, they just need to implement it. I do think it would be better if they segregate KBM and controller players though, regardless of the platform.

Kribwalker617d ago

they have been doing that, while giving the controller players the option to play with their friends that have KBM. That’s what i’ve seen with games like fortnite at least

slate91617d ago

They are treading very lightly. BUT, imo, if they dont allow crossplay with console and pc, the console mcc community will die off very quickly.

timotim617d ago

And why would that happen exactly?

slate91617d ago

Everyone will migrate to pc mcc to find games. MCC console is already 'dead'. You can only find games on certain ranked playlists during certain times of the day. PC will just eat up the remaining players from console because people will want the bigger population.

timotim617d ago

LOL...they will migrate off their consoles and onto PCs where they can't even play the game as good??? OK buddy, you clearly know what you're talking about.

And MCC is currently #39 on the most played list...beating out games like DMC5...that's far from dead...I can get a match with ease.

slate91617d ago

Why do you have to respond in such a condescending manner? Have a discussion like an adult.

Anyways, I stream MCC almost daily. The population is dead. You are either playing only social matches or H3 hardcore playlist. You can't find games in most ranked playlists until about 12pm.
If you watch MCC streams (which I do, daily) you will see top streamers like ac7ionmann, ssaintly, or naded only able to find social matches because the ranked playlists aren't populated enough.

Halo MCC PC release will spotlight the Halo on PC. People are excited for it. THe news that it is releasing on steam made big waves on the internet.

MCC PC will pull a fraction of the population off of console, a fraction that the console population can't afford to lose.

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gangsta_red617d ago

I also doubt that console players will go PC.

But I do agree it would be good to have crossplay with the PC community. MCC is an older game on Xbox so the player count will be lower compared to it on PC since it'll be new for a PC only group.

timotim617d ago

The numbers don't lie dude...its the 39th most played games on Xbox One right now...that is very good considering how many games their is. And now we find out that you mean just ranked matches...OK...most people just want to play the game for fun so social is better for them. In the one is going to migrate from a console to a PC (that they don't even have btw) just to play this game. It will continue to be in the top 50 list and the Halo community will only increase by it being on PC...not detract from it.

W4rfight3r616d ago

Nope. I rather play Mcc on console. Hence, I prefer playing all them shooters on Xbox except for csgo which is preferable on pc.

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chiefJohn117617d ago

If you suck with a gamepad KnM isn't going to help. Idk why people think KnM can turn a scrub into a pro

DaDrunkenJester617d ago

K&M is actually much harder to get good with, but once you do, there is a clear advantage in MOST games. I say most, because in games like Gears of War it has shown that K&M hasn't really been an advantage.

timotim617d ago

In shooters, I would agree...however, in fighters, racers, platformers and sports games, I would argue that controllers are better.

timotim617d ago

I posted this before...but I had no problems beastin it on Halo 5 PC with a Xbox One controller VS K&M players. Same thing with Halo 2 on PC...if you're good, then you will be able to compete.

My take would be to split the user base by platform for ranked matches and have unranked matches be cross-play.

Concertoine617d ago

Uhhh, Halo 5 isn’t on PC.

timotim617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

Yes it is...just not the campaign, but its multiplayer most certainly is.

The screenshot is from Halo 5: Forge on PC...that's why I provided it as proof haha.