Mapping State-by-State Tech Trends: Top US Gaming Platforms

PCMag surveyed preferred gaming platforms across the country. Xbox took the top spot in 27 states with 31 percent overall. PlayStation and Nintendo each won 10 states with 28 percent and 21 percent, respectively. The other 20 percent of respondents were PC gamers.

ThinkThink1541d ago

I thought this was interesting. It would be cool to see a state by state breakdown of the world.

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Prince-Ali1539d ago

"state by state breakdown of the world" looooooooooooooool!! sooo funnyyy!

Cueil1538d ago

A State is a Country do they not teach Civics in school anymore?

JMalone1538d ago

“a state is a country”
The country of California. Remember me to not send my kids to your school.

1538d ago
KillBill1538d ago

@shaggy2303 and so many others. The word "State" can also represent a country. Though it can be confusing words can have more than one meaning.

"Country and State are synonymous terms that both apply to self-governing political entities. A nation, however, is a group of people who share the same culture but do not have sovereignty.

When the “s” of state is lowercase, it constitutes a part of a whole country, such as the different states of the United States of America. When the “S” of State is uppercase it signifies an independent country."

Prince-Ali1537d ago


Nice try bro... we both know what was meant here but you keep fishing for internet points and then maybe you can buy some internet friends :-)

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TK-661539d ago

Lol I'm outside th realm of existence.

I understand what you mean and agree that it is actually interesting but I don't think there's much value in this data. I'd say similar if you compared the breakdown of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in that it's interesting but mostly useless information.

ThinkThink1539d ago

Maybe not this data per say, but I would still find it interesting to see how this maps across the world. I agree that 40 is a low number to poll. PC mag needs more interns.

rainslacker1539d ago

Guess this is the outcome when you use your XBL friends list to get the results.

Logic would dictate that Sony would have more, even with MS having less of a gap in sales in the US. Switch is doing well, but hasn't been on the market as long to really take more states than Sony at this point. Either that, or the states that are primarily PS have an extraordinary larger percentage of PS gamers. I also really question XB being dominate in NC, because anecdotal evidence based on my own friends, and the regions GameStop's allotment of space for the systems games, and general marketing material, seems to lean heavily towards PS. Something I also noticed at a GameStop in Ohio and Virginia when I happened into one while there.

ThinkThink1539d ago

I don't think they are talking about sales though. I own all 3 systems but if someone called me and asked which system I prefer, I would say the name of the system I preferred.

rainslacker1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Don't know, They didn't say what questions they asked, or even how they choose the 40 people per state. There was really no information on how the poll was conducted.

But most people don't own all three systems, and the vast majority only own one. I understand the difference between preference and sales, but posit that the map shown above doesn't line up with any reasonable conclusion based on sales, because it's basically saying that the 4 million odd user base difference is not a factor at all, and that despite so many more people owning PS4's, they illogically prefer Xbox.

Further, while the community isn't completely representative of the entire market, the fact that the community in general seems to be more about PS4, with Nintendo coming up quick from behind, and even surpassing PS4 in some places, Xbox still reigns supreme. There is no correlative, logical, factual, subjective, or anecdotal evidence to support the results of this study.

There are ways this study could be accurate, but would require some rather high disparities in user bases in those states which weren't Xbox. Given that practically all the most populous states in the US seem to be Xbox, that is highly unlikely to be the case, and it's even less likely given that some of the least populace state are PS, where given the known or predicted sales, the opposite should be true.

DarXyde1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

The world is often divided into provinces. India and Myanmar have states, if I recall.

Just for your understanding...

That aside, this is a skewed survey in that it provides an assessment of PC Mag's audience and has perhaps made improper inferences.

I think the best evidence of this is the fact that New York and California are such densely populated states with (I'm sure) an abundance of gamers, yet those regions are Xbox and they're still trailing PS4 in the states. Playstation's states are not nearly as densely populated or encompassing.

I'm sure the stats are close given the marginal lead of Playstation over Xbox in the west, but i suspect these numbers are not quite representative.

Muzikguy1539d ago

The premise of this is interesting but the data itself is very inaccurate. I saw the map and laughed because it makes it look like Sony is barely selling and that's a lie. Or that Xbox is dominating which is also a lie. 40 people per state is nowhere near enough for a sample

Jin_Sakai1539d ago

And we’re suppose to take this survey and map seriously? This means nothing.

“PCMag surveyed 2,033 US consumers in February on a variety of topics”

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PoSTedUP1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

so they surveyed 40 people per state. im so glad sociology survey methods have come such a long way.

Neonridr1539d ago

well you can't expect them to poll the entire state now can you? It's a statistical sample.. and it's very flawed. But it gives you an idea at least.

bluefox7551539d ago

40 people gives you an idea? No it doesn't, lol.

drunkenspy0071539d ago

better accurate results than presenting misinformation.

DarkZane1539d ago

40 people is too insignificant even for the smallest states. If you took every gamers into account, Playstation and Nintendo would likely dominate almost all the states with Microsoft having less than 10 states.

Neonridr1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

@bluefox755 - better than asking nobody and just making it up I guess. I never once said it a good idea, but if they are trying to prove some sort of point, it's a start I guess. I already said that it was a flawed metric.

RememberThe3571539d ago

1000 people per state would be better but even that would be hard to actually rely on. This is just kind of dumb.

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fiveby91539d ago

A poll is not considered statistically sound by surveying 40 people to represent millions. I smell a marketing rat. I think this poll is pretty meaningless.

ILostMyMind1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

This gives you an idea that the US has more XB users than PS users. So the survey failed.

TK-661539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

You'd need atleast 1000 per state for it to be considered somewhat reliable.

NXFather1538d ago

Even you acknowledged all statistical samples are not created equal. Like say this vs police report records. Yeah case by case in context.

Tross1538d ago

@Neonridr What kind of sampling frame is that? Do you know how many people live in even the least populated US State, because I sure don't, but I can guarantee that 40 people is a laughably small percentage even there.

cyber_daemonx1538d ago

Gives you an idea of how surveys are garbage lol.

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Tross1538d ago

@PoSTedUP I would not call this a good sociology survey. Undergraduate students are taught about sample sizes in even intro level classes, and whoever conducted this study clearly slept through those classes, if they even attended them to begin with.

PoSTedUP1538d ago

i know. i was being sarcastic.

Relientk771538d ago

40 people per state is like nothing lol

PoSTedUP1538d ago

i know, especially with easy access to ppl through the internet and all.

DrumBeat1539d ago

Xbox is still quite popular in second place.

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Muzikguy1539d ago

I don't consider the Switch a next gen console. It's more like Nintendo released 2 consoles this gen

PoSTedUP1539d ago

they released 2 consoles this gen according to you, and next gen (very soon, PS5) they will be behind two full generations in terms of power and graphics. i find it very interesting.

Wikkid6661538d ago

Glad you make the gen rules

Muzikguy1534d ago

Well Nintendo doesn't make them neither does pcmag so...

PlayableGamez-1539d ago

People think Xbox is going away.
Xbox may not be popular worldwide, but it is popular in the US.

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rainslacker1539d ago

Not as popular as this survey's results suggest. That is a lot of green on that map, and for this to be anywhere close to accurate based on known, and reasonably estimated sales data, it means that PS and Switch sales are heavily concentrated in a fraction of the states available. I wouldn't say that Xbox isn't popular in the US, because it has it's audience, but as of now, PS still seems to be more popular, and Switch seems to be gaining ground on Xbox faster than MS can do something about it.

YodaCracker1538d ago

Faster than Microsoft can do something about it? They are releasing Xbox Live on Switch. I don’t think they consider them a competitor, but rather a partner.

1538d ago
rainslacker1538d ago


Them releasing XBL on switch is not them gaining console sales, nor is it allowing their gaming brand to be something that people prefer as is talked about here. If one is primarily a Switch player, I doubt they care that much. Cool, they get some achievements, and access to more friends potentially. But, they're not going to start preferring MS because of it.


Never said market share equals profitability. I'm simply referring to the statistic presented in the article, which is saying that MS is the preferred brand in a majority of the states, having almost an equal number of states as both PS4 and switch combined. But, when it comes to market share, logic and common sense does suggest that it is directly related to determining which brand people prefer.

DVAcme1539d ago

How the heck is this in any way accurate when the sales numbers for the PS4 are ECLIPSING the XB1? If this was in any way accurate, the entire map would be black, with maybe a couple of red or blue spots.

Neonridr1539d ago

this is the US. Sales in the US are not indicative of global sales.

DVAcme1539d ago

Uh huh. Sales in the US are not predominantly XBox, either.

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AAWELLS091539d ago

Dont let your feelings get hurt over video games. Its not going to matter either way.

DrumBeat1539d ago

Simply put, but well said nonetheless.

Razzer1539d ago

lol.....he is asking legit questions so no idea what the problem is.

TK-661539d ago


Yeah but the data and breakdown is worthless so he's getting all riled up over something that doesn't matter in the slightest.

Razzer1538d ago


oh please. You guys are acting like he is ranting and raving in a huge wall of text. He isn't.

TK-661538d ago


Tell him not to use caps then.

Razzer1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

lol....using caps to emphasize one word is getting "riled up" now? Stop being so sensitive.

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Razzer1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

It is accurate in the fact that more PC Mag readers are Xbox fans. It is stated in the article:

"Of the majority of respondents who identified as gamers, 31 percent chose Xbox, 28 percent prefer PlayStation, 21 percent are Nintendo fans, and 20 percent are primarily PC gamers."

rainslacker1539d ago

PC mag readers probably prefer PC's. PC mag readers as a whole aren't really PC gamers either. PC Mag is a pretty technical, or industrial PC rag. It has game reviews, but generally speaking, they don't report on gaming that much.