Game Informer: Mirror's Edge: DICE Delivers An Undeniably Original Experience

Game Informer: "These days, a game is rarely branded as original. It is even rarer to say that it is unlike anything seen before. With developers comfortable relying on their established IPs and time-tested gameplay, trying something completely new can be terrifying. True, the risk of failure is higher, but when successful-BioShock and Portal for example-they can have long-lasting effects on the industry as a whole.

While we can't yet comment on the ripples Mirror's Edge will create in the industry pond, we can say loud and clear that the game is unlike anything we have played before. Read on to find out what life on the edge has to offer."

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doctorstrange4037d ago

but found it 2 short 2 really gage how good the game was. i'm really unsure wat 2 get this or dead space, either way EA wins

AngryHippo4037d ago

....but i need some advice. After playing fallout 3 on my 360 for around 8hrs straight, something went wrong graphically, the backgrounds went pixelated and characters went a bit glitchy. At first i thought it might be a fallout 3 glitch. I tried with Dead Space, same thing, but the menus are fine but during gameplay everything has gone pixelated and really grainey and blockey. It was the same with COD4 now, when playing mp the sky on screen has thick black stripes on it, and everything is yet again grainey. Can someone please help me? I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem? Advice would be much appreciated....thanks in advance.

jollygoodchap84037d ago

but I think RROD is on its way.

Same thing happened to me, then a few days later...RROD.

call MS or something, good luck.