The Unboxening: Resistance 2: Collector's Edition

Destructoid's Nick Chester writes:

"The FedEx Fairy doesn't usually come for me on the weekends, but because I was out of town yesterday (and I made stink about it), they returned today with the goodies I missed. Among them was the sexy Resistance 2: Collector's Edition boxed set that comes out on November 5 for $79.99.

Even though I won't have time to crack the game open immediately (something about the edge of a mirror I need to review first), I couldn't help but tear into the box. I'm a child, what can I say?

Hit the jump to get a glimpse of what's inside, as I'll help you try to determine whether or not you'll want to skip lunch for two days to shell out the extra cash."

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FBl4038d ago

The Limited Edition box of Resistance 2 has more detail than the single-player campaign in Gears of War 2