DS outsells GBA, Wii sales near 35M

Gamespot posted a article regarding Wii and DS sales. Gamespot writes"For years, the Game Boy Advance had the distinction of being the best-selling portable game platform of all time. No longer. Today, Nintendo announced that its old-school handheld has been overtaken by its double-vision-stricken younger sibling, the DS. According to Nintendo, the handheld has sold 84.33 million units worldwide since being introduced in November 2004, generating a staggering 454.63 million in DS software sales. Since its debut in 2001, the Game Boy Advance has sold 81.36 million units.

Say hello to Nintendo's little friend.

Sales of Nintendo's Wii aren't exactly shabby either. Since its launch in November 2006, the plucky console has sold 34.55 million units. Of those, 10.1 million were bought during the first half of Nintendo's fiscal year, which ended on September 30. From January to the end of June, 81.41 million Wii games were purchased internationally, bringing the platform's cumulative software haul to a whopping 229.85 million units. "

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blynx1824032d ago

And the DSi will lengthen the lead. Congradulations Nintendo.

TheColbertinator4032d ago

A round of applause for Nintendo and the DS.

shawn1174031d ago

i remember when everyone told me the psp would sell ore than ds

hahah yeah right xD

Cwahl74030d ago

I love my Wii and DS. Go Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!