Looking Back at 5 Years of... Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Edgar writes: "Following events depicted in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes starred Big Boss on his mission of saving Chico and Paz."

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Edito864d ago

I enjoyed more ground zeroes than phantom pain...

SovereignSnaKe864d ago

Ah yes, that time Konami suckered all of us Metal Gears fans into paying for a physical release demo. I still have my copy with the reversible artwork. I remember liking it but being sad that the guards were way too serious and there were no more campy interjections; "I think I see something.." or "HUH!?" Not to mention lying down a magazine and they sit over it transfixed with hearts bubbling over their heads.

AK91863d ago (Edited 863d ago )

Sigh I wish we got the full Phantom Pain game and not just Chapter 1 and 1/2. Oh and GZ was at least a complete prologue I appreciate that Konami allowed that.