Can the NXE Lessen the Risk of RROD?

GP Writes: "One of the most appealing features in the New XBOX Experience is the ability to download the game file over to your Hard Drive to minimize loading times. As we go hands-on with the New XBOX Experience and tried downloading numerous XBOX 360 games to our hard drive, there is one thing that we notice that will really lessen the XBOX 360 from overheating, which will lead to the RRoD..."

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MaximusPrime4029d ago

maybe, maybe not. i think RRoD is still a threat.

Number 94029d ago

hence the words 'lessen the risk'.

Pain4029d ago

of that to 'lessen' the chance of Over heating?

morganfell4029d ago

Does NXE require more system resources? Does it increase system demands or lessen them? If it demands more how does it lessen the risk?

IdleLeeSiuLung4029d ago

The main reason to install (or clone the game) are:

- decrease load time
- decrease noise from optical drive
- prevent disc read error (of course MS isn't saying this, but that is one of the main reasons I will use it for)

LoVeRSaMa4029d ago

I don't understand what they are getting at.

if you decrease disc loading, you will increase Hard Drive loading, and the HDD generates more heat then the Optical Drive, so NO.

It will not lessen the risk, as my taking heat fromt the Optical Drive there piling it on the HDD.

Who writes these articals?


thewhoopimen4029d ago

I was just about to argue the same thing myself! Great point. I'd like to see what the RROD rate is after this NXE update.

morganfell4029d ago

A disagree with questions? Naturally. MS doesn't like questions that might lead to facts.

lokiroo4204029d ago

The arcade just loses value again and again.

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FBl4029d ago

Nothing can lessen the risk of RROD

iMarcus4028d ago

Why don't they just ban this guy?

FBl4029d ago

If the Xbox 360 had a CELL processor,there would be no RROD

unjust4029d ago

Just a billion firm wear updates when they should just get it correct the first time along with their patches to fix problem games.

CloudsEnd4029d ago

Oh, over a billion 'firm wears' ?

BLuKhaos4029d ago

It's Firmware you flop head.I swear you bots get dumber every time a 360 RRODs.

FBl4029d ago

And this is one of the many reasons why Ps3 owners will always laugh at Xbox 360 owners

FBl4029d ago

How do you fix that which is flop?

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The story is too old to be commented.