Turok Review | Nintendo World Report

by Zachary Miller:
"Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Remastered is the best possible way to experience this N64 classic, either on your TV or in Handheld/Tabletop Mode (where it performs flawlessly). Turok influenced a lot of first-person shooters that came after it, and it’s still very enjoyable in 2018—thanks in large part to Night Dive’s boatload of options. You don’t wind up hunting a lot of dinosaurs, but you do manage to fight a Dimetrodon that has a minigun strapped to its back, which makes up for a lot."

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Ratchet75616d ago

No matter how nostalgic this game makes u feel it has badly aged therefore €18 euros for something you can play on your anDroid for free is just ridiculous imo.
€5 euro at best.