Devil May Cry 5 Review: So Stylish, Very Thrilling, & Too Dull [DSOGaming]

Nick from DSOGaming writes: "Devil May Cry: an epic, polarizing series that began in 2001, had a terrible sequel in 2003, fought back with 2005’s worthy third entry, and then went missing in action-gaming after 2007’s well-received DMC 4. Some 12 years later the series is back to deliver the authentic stylized madness fans have been waiting for. So is DMC 5 worthy? Is it brilliant? Is it a must play? Well, you must read on to find out!"

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Darknova2077101d ago

Very Thrilling, & Too Dull is a bit of a contradiction, isnt it?

FloydianAndroid101d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth .....