DF Retro: Killzone 2 ten years on - a PS3 showcase that still looks stunning today

DF Retro returns! It's just over ten years on from the release of Killzone 2 on the PlayStation 3. Join John Linneman for a look at the game's controversial beginnings, to its final, technologically astonishing result.

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Einhander19711655d ago

Without a doubt a technical masterpiece for PS3 tech.

_SilverHawk_1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Amazing game. Hopefully Sony makes another killzone with the tone of killzone 2.

I don't know how guerilla games made these games at that time working with such little specs because those ps3 killzone games rivals a lot of new games this generation. Playing killzone now on a ps3 seems like magic. Now I see why horizon zero looks flipping amazing on a regular ps4.

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bouzebbal1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Simply my best online experience to date.. Was my first fps as well.. A graphical marvel and amazing gameplay.
I prefer by far the progress system in kz2.
Didn't let go of it until I saw that platinum pop

Omnisonne1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Yeah Guerilla Games are absolute tech wizards, raising the bar for graphics with nearly every new title they release.

himdeel1655d ago

Yes, I want a remake or remaster of K2 and it was the best MP game of last gen for me. More than Resistance 2 mp coop.

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Jin_Sakai1655d ago

KZ2 was very impressive. The dark tone and war torn atmosphere was amazing.

There’s so much action going on combined with lightning, wind, smoke, storms, and particle effects. It crazy what they pulled off. I’d die for a KZ2 Remake on PS5.

Omnisonne1655d ago

I can only imagine what that would look like with the Decima engine. It'd be glorious.

ILostMyMind1655d ago

It is on Decima Engine.

NarooN1654d ago

I had this game at launch and even on an SDTV the game looked amazing. Got a nice HD set later and was re-blown away, haha. KZ3 also looked astonishing, and to this day has some of the best-looking snow and water effects I've seen in a game yet. These games are over-due for remasters, maybe they'll do them on the PS5 or something at this rate...

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StrengthInNumbers1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

My favourite killzone - back when Sony still made decent FPS titles. Today they've left it to third-parties. Times like this I wish BC with PS3 exists on PS4, but that's another conversation. KSz2 looks good. It could still compete with today's games.

one2thr1655d ago

Or, OR... They left the FPS genre, at the the conplete discretion of their first party developers.

Last time I checked, Sony gives their 1st party freedom to create.

one2thr1655d ago

Did not mean to come off condenscending, [Redact], [Redact]

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Asuka1655d ago

I know the series isn't as successful as HZD, but I really miss KZ. Hope to see GG come back to the series with everything they have learned from HZD. I just find myself wondering what a Kojima Productions collaboration w/ KZ would be like (very long stretch I'm sure, but would be cool imo).

Majin-vegeta1655d ago

Well they hired two Major R6:Siege devs last year.

LucasRuinedChildhood1655d ago

I actually prefer the look of the PS3 Killzone games to KZ: Shadowfall. The locations and the overall look of the games were much more interesting.

Blastoise1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

You gotta remember at the end of the PS3 generation everyone was sick of military shooters. Anything that wasn't bursting with colour was labeled "generic" and considered a CoD copy.

It's kinda the other way around now, with games like Overwatch, Fortnite, Far Cry New Dawn and Rage 2, you'd be hard pressed to find an old school shooter with a gritty aesthetic like Killzone

XabiDaChosenOne1655d ago

And everyone was tired of "corridor" Shooters which is why today we have all these empty and pointless open world games.

Sevir1654d ago

The industry shifts, the PS3 era everyone was gunning for a Halo Killer, COD came and flipped the industry on the head with the corridor scripted campaigns. And everyone wanted that kind of success.

FPSs now have gone open world and are less frequent, because we've really become super saturated with just COD.

At this point I'd love a new Killzone but more than anything. I'd want them to Remake KZ2 on PS5 at 60/120fps

GG seriously are incredibly talented developers who pushes the technology forward every time. And now they've mastered their craft. Horizon is proof of that, they can take the same time and effort and release a Killzone game with the same level of nuanced and rich story telling and character development, with riveting action and we will have a Killzone that surpasses KZ2.

LoveSpuds1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I think it was partly a response to criticism that the first 3 games were quite dark, brown and dingy in appearance. I personally liked Shadowfall a lot and though it got way more negativity than it deserved. As for the first three titles, I think they were fantastic. It's weird because the critics all seem quite negative about the series these days whereas the game playing public seem to really love them when you see comments sections like this one.

Nitrowolf21655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I think with a shadow fall it was a matter of location cause it’s set on a future Vetka. The previous 2 Titles Took Place on Helghast.

There is that scene and shadow fall where are you revisit it and it looks phenomenal. So I did prefer the look in shadow fall by the location wasn’t as interesting

WelkinCole1654d ago

Oh man, remember how most bashed KZ2 because it was dark, brown and gritty. No bright colors lol!

I mean its Helgan lol!

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SonyStyled1655d ago

I’m still amazed the backlash this game got for its weighted style of play. I was able to put some good long hours into the multiplayer before the servers closed last March. Brought back many memories of 2009. Even played offline warzone last feb27th to celebrate 10 years. Long live Helghan!

kneon1655d ago

I always loved the weighty and more realistic feel of KZ2. Much better than the ridiculous levels of agility in games like COD where you can spin around while holding a Browning M1919 as if it was made of nothing. I've held an M1919 and if you try spinning around with that in your hands you're just going to keep on going.

ravinash1654d ago

I loved the weight and feel of the gun play in KZ2 when it came out.
Didn't they try to change the feel in the multiplayer when all the Halo fans started complaining about the movement and basically ruined a great game.