Cloud Streaming: The Top Companies Investing In Gaming's Future

Although it may still be a few years off from being the acceptable mainstream, cloud streaming may be video games' future.

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PhoenixUp216d ago

I still see these as options rather than the definitive future of gaming the superceds what we’ve been used to for decades

Gemmol216d ago

I can’t wait for cloud gaming to take over, with 5g and WiFi all around......internet connection is getting better and better.

Even when I had 128gb card for the switch and I run out of space the Verizon Fios 1gig internet made it easier to get by with archiving games this before cloud saves. I can delete something and have it back in 10 to 30 minutes so a big games like nba 2k over 30 something gigs would be easy to get back

Once phone internet speeds reach same level as Verizon Fios 1gig gaming would have no issues I don’t even think cloud need all of that speed maybe it just need 50mb to run properly so if everyone in America can get a average internet speed of 200mb to 300mb cloud gaming would work flawless, with mines at 1000mb it just unnecessary but good back up

Hope cloud gaming start quicker

PhoenixUp216d ago

It’s not ever going to take over, it’ll always just provide an alternative method

There’s no legitimate reason for physical and digital games to be outright abandoned

ThinkThink212d ago

This new generation of whipper snappers care less about owning the physical media than our generation did. They want everything beamed directly to them instantly. It will be interesting to see if the market caters to the new or the old.

PhoenixUp212d ago

It doesn’t matter how young you are. Streaming isn’t going to be as practical a method of distribution as physical and digital gaming, even moreso for younger gamers since they have less ability to continuing paying the internet bill than they would just buying the games individually

Besides that it really doesn’t matter how much cloud gaming takes off, it isn’t going to make physical and digital gaming irrelevant since millions of gamers will still opt for that option and it’d be insane to completely cut them off.

Even in this digital age you still see books, magazines, comics, movies, television shows, newspapers, music, manga, etc still being offered physically so it’s really insane to believe that games will somehow be the one medium to completely destroy one method of delivery for another one.

All streaming will ever be is an alternative, not the sole way to play games for many reasons