Rockstar Downgrades Red Dead Redemption 2 Graphics In Latest Patch

In a move that is likely to upset many, Rockstar has apparently downgraded their hit title Red Dead Redemption 2 by completely removing ambient occlusion, and it makes a big difference.

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cheeko1653d ago


Crazyglues1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yeah I thought it was just me, maybe I'm tripping but the graphics suddenly look like shit on my PS4 Pro... I was like maybe because I didn't play in a little while maybe it's just me, but Nope, my fears have been confirmed...

Something happened, game looks like shit now.... RockStar Seriously.... WTF (how does a patch like this even go out, don't you guys test these things..)

Really sad to see from a top Studio Like RockStar / I'm in Shock

cheeko1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

When i first played it on ORIGINAL xbox one, it was probably the best looking game i have see on consoles, but im not gonna lie i havent actually played since online launched


"Im in shock"
Get over yourself

x_xavier_x1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )


When your statements go from earnest to hyperbolic then you lose much of your credibility. You pushed it too far Buddy...

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Spartacus101653d ago

@ MONOLITHICIDE, x_xavier_x, Kiva
Rather than ridicule him because you want to remain ignorant to the fact that being shocked is a widely used expression, put your worthless loyalty to one side and try and look at the bigger picture which is that this is a shitty thing for gamers and we should oppose it.

Whether it was intentional or not, Rockstar fucked up here, and roaming around N4G like their paid bitches isn't going to change that.

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x_xavier_x1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


Calm down, Spartacus10. Crazyglues took it took 10 and now you're taking it to 11.

It's not even a confirmed issue at this point. I just checked and I still see that ambient occlusion is working on my console. Let's see a report from a trusted source, as opposed to some dude on Twitter who posted a single screenshot.

If there is a problem then Rockstar will probably fix it soon...or not. Who cares?

But feel free to keep shouting from the rooftops with your mock outrage. I mean, that gets you the most attention. Right?

Crazyglues1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

@ x_xavier_x (A.K.A N4G troll)

I Just made a statement of how I felt when I played the game the other day, how is that hyperbolic... U stupid for real, Like seriously - that's a super reach...

You read a comment and instead of just reading it as it's written you attached your own theory to it / A very stupid theory I might add..

~Mind Blown~ what a rocket scientist you are... - thanks for the insight, Let's just over look the topic which is this is pretty messed up to change the graphics of a game after it comes out, and let's focus on the fact that I said I'm shocked.... LoL

Dude seriously, why are you even here, don't you and MONOLITHICIDE got some TROLLING to do...

x_xavier_x1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


Why am I here? I'm here to post my opinion on the matter, just like you. The relevant question is why are you reacting to such a negligible issue with so much hostility? I simply suggested that perhaps the problem is not as widespread or significant as some have made it out to be. if you don't agree with my assessment then you're welcome to refute my "theory" but you should really try to do it with less fervor and scorn. Your response to me is so inappropriately overblown that it almost seems like you're emotionally unstable or on drugs.

"U stupid for real, Like seriously".

LOL, Yeah, I'm the "stupid" one...

Spartacus101652d ago

@ x_xavier_x
Maybe I did go overboard, but I'm tired of seeing so many people on N4G jumping on those who call out bad practices and screw ups just because it involves a company they're in love with.

I wouldn't have a problem if the counter argument was a constructive one, but it rarely ever is.

x_xavier_x1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


I have no problem with those that are passionate about games who are resolved to hold these game studios to a high standard. I do see an issue with people overacting to speculation, rumors and trivial issues. The current trend of nit-picking every detail of a game is particularly disconcerting. We essentially have a group of people, the DownGrade Brigade, that can't wait to gleefully jump on the hate bandwagon at a moments notice.

Your insistence that anyone who offers a different opinion is somehow a slave to a corporation is not only offensive but also unwarranted. I simply suggested that we take a wait and see attitude toward this unconfirmed minor issue. I don't appreciate being called a "b*tch" from some overzealous kid who is too indignant to respond in a civil manner.

You feel me?

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Shakengandulf1653d ago

Hope its a bug like when they accidentally took tree sway from gtav but fixed it.

anonymousfan1652d ago

Meanwhile so many months after released they still haven't fixed the blurry hdr images they had publicly aknowledged... Ugh this is an extra disappointment

BrettAwesome1652d ago

The bli'r, and the HDR are two separate problems

InKnight7s1653d ago

Wooow this downgrade almost equal to Watch Dogs one.

Kornholic1653d ago

Rockstar really shit the bed with this one. Fake HDR, poor implementation of checkerboard rendering and now this.

81BX1653d ago

The mp is lame to me as well

Kornholic1653d ago

I haven't even bothered trying it yet. GTAV's online mode was pointless, so I'm guessing RDR Online is similar.

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SheenuTheLegend1653d ago

dont forget the decade old control mechanics.

Kornholic1653d ago

That's subjective. I'm talking about objective technical blunders.

ChristopherJack1652d ago

Not everything needs to feel like on rails arcade. I like the clunk, helps makes the character feel like a person, not a robot.

Dragonscale1652d ago

Talk about downplaying lol. Bad controls aren't 'subjective' fgs.

BrettAwesome1652d ago

Maybe not, but I didn't think they were bad. So I'm wrong?

Kornholic1652d ago

The controls aren't bad, though. It's up to your preference if you like them or not.

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josh-eh1653d ago

Yup, I still refuse to play the game till they patch it for PS4 Pro.. the graphics are SO blurry and HDR doesn’t work.. this was suppose to be the biggest game this gen and people on PS4 PRO got screwed!

Hardiman1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I'm in the same boat and really after seeing games like HZD, GOW, Spider-Man, Metro Exodus and hell even AC Odyssey and Origins I was wondering why everyone was praising Red Dead 2's graphics because to me they look blurry as shit and I'm still pissed about the HDR! HDR to me is more important than 4K. HDR when done right like in Shadow of the Colossus, GOW, HZD, Metro Exodus, Spider-Man etc really adds to the game and it would've done wonders for RD2's world!

I've stopped playing it and won't pick it back up till it's fixed!

jwillj2k41652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


They already got your money so they don’t care if you play or not.

Bronxs151652d ago

it's weird how this happens. same as last gen, red dead redemption was much better on 360 than ps3. and again this gen again (the xbox one x) version looks amazing and that's where i'm going to play it.

Dragonscale1652d ago

@bronx, funny how this somehow skipped scorpio and only affected the Pro. What a load of crap.

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chiefJohn1171652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

BS GTA online mode was great. Calling it pointless is an insult. Rdr2 online however is a dud