Welcome Home: Hanging Out PlayStation Style

Kotaku writes:

"Is it me, or is gaming relying more and more on social media networks? Time was, gaming was this dirty, solitary habit you did in your mom's basement or in a darkened corner of your dad's study. You didn't talk about it, you didn't brag about it, and (even if you wanted to), you couldn't show off your gaming accomplishments."

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Voozi4032d ago

"When Jack took his avatar out into the plaza where a bunch of testers were running their avatars around, a half a dozen or so were all dressed in weird white underwear-looking body suits and flamenco dancing. Jack explained that these guys had decided to dress up as “zombies” in honor of Halloween. I didn’t know zombies had visible panty line – but I do know you could find better costumes at K-Mart than in the Home’s limited wardrobe selection."

Good times =P Had to work with what we had haha, they shoulda taken 1 of the "zombies" aside for a screenshot to show you folks what our look consisted of lol

SaiyanFury4031d ago

I'm still an old style gamer. I don't have anything to prove to others. Some people love the trophy system and others like me don't really care either way. It's an interesting system for completion addicts, but I'm not one of them. I play a game because I enjoy it not to prove my prowess to other people. Just a personal take here of course.

GiantEnemyLobster4032d ago

Um, PS3 owners still do that to this day.

Zeevious4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

because you can't figure out how to use a Flashlight & Magnifying Glass with one hand.

What kind of "gamer" are you to constantly criticize Games & Services on a platform you DON'T EVEN OWN?

There are fantastic 360 games... AND ...There are fantastic PS3 games.

If you own them both, you've got the best gaming has to offer right now.

If you only own a PS3 -OR- 360 and all you do is whine like a guy who's p3nis is 2-sizes 2-small...TRY ACTUALLY PLAYING A GAME on your GAME CONSOLE instead.

Truth is...
You're not changing anyone's opinion about PS3 Gaming, because you're NOT a Gamer!

You're just a meaningless whining Fanbrat...and an embarrassment to that embarrassing group at that.


p.s. don't forget your guide:

Close_Second4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

...Loser (loo-sir) - dressing up your avatar and having a Halloween party @Home.

Get out an enjoy life rather than wishing your life was as fun as the simulated one on-line.

Bathyj4031d ago

So everyone who likes Tiger Woods, should actualy be outside on a golf course?

Close_Second4031d ago, I would say appreciate Tiger Woods but don't pretend to be him. If he inspires you to get off your ass and pick up golf then great.

My point is, try and experience it first hand and don't live it through the electronic world. I tell you, when you're laying on your death bed you won't regret not having purchased that additional outfit for your avatar...

ArtisianDragon4031d ago

The thing is what if someone can't? Be it they are paralyzed from the waist down or something? Would that definition still hold true or shall we just make an exception for them personally? Seriously their are people who play games who are not like everyone else that walks about has a cushy life or what not. Some of these games and services provide a bit of an outlet for them. Just because they do such things as going within' home and dressing up their avatar or playing games to relieve stress or what not, doesn't make them losers.

Ryangp4031d ago

I go on here twice a day but still, i have a life, a girlfriend, mates, anything you could want. I'm still going to go on home though, i'm not going to sit in on a halloween and have a party on there, ill go out. People have to understand when they've crossed the line, you can go on home but don't treat it as a real life.

Close_Second4031d ago

...what if you can't cause you are confined to a wheelchair, etc. If they only made games and social networking services like Home for only those "who can't" then there would be no gaming industry, well not as we know it anyway. No, I'm not bagging those in a wheelchair or those who face challenges that most of us don't have to, I'm bagging those who choose to not get out of their chair and get the most out of life. Nothing, I repeat nothing you can do in Home will be seen as a serious accomplishment. Home will also not provide any real benefit no matter how many hours, days, weeks you spend living in that virtual world.

Let me finish by saying:
For those who can't then fine but for those who can but don't, then it's a life wasted. If everyone decided not to then we wouldn't have a tiger woods or a computer on which to debate the value of a service like Home in the first place.

ArtisianDragon4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I actually agree with your parts quite a bit, I was just tackling the definition more or less that's all.

As it is my prime objective to annoy you :)!

Bathyj4031d ago

All I was getting at is, some people might try home and like it. Some might spend a bit of time with it. I dont think theres need yet to worry about people replaacing their life with it. Not unless you think its gonna be WOW or Everyquest sort of succuss/addiction levels.

But who knows, maybe you'll actually just be walking around and meet someone whose like mined with you. You could actually make a friend.

Home doesn't really interest me. I want to have a good look through it, to see it but I dont think I'll be on it that much. I do however, still think its an awesome concept, because I csn see it evolving and who knows what might come next. Anythings possible. In a year it might have lots of new features and something will interest you.

faisdotal4031d ago

That's a pretty strong statement for someone who actually bothered to say such a thing on video games website.

While you're there, please look up "Irony". kthanxbai.

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mrkeith4031d ago

Seriously, dont hate. :)

morganfell4031d ago

Seriously, hate back...more.

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