Sony is Better With Franchises Than Microsoft

Split-screen writes: "Review the sheer number of quality franchises Sony created over the past 7 years. Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, God of War, Gran Turismo, Wipeout, Killzone, Resistance; the products of Team ICO, White Knight Chronicles (and products of Level-5 before they turned self-publisher), Uncharted and now LittleBigPlanet. Be it timely series or new efforts, Sony Computer Entertainment has always stayed one step ahead of its competition.

"And several steps ahead of Microsoft Game Studios."

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TheExecutive4033d ago

It is the first and second party studios that attracts me to Sony in the first place. There are so many diverse and great franchises that are developed by Sony and its developers.

Third party games have always just been icing on the cake. There is NO denying by anyone that SCE is miles ahead of MGS. Microsoft has proven in the last year that they dont really care to produce too many games internally which I think is a fundamental flaw in their business strategy.

Building the franchises Sony has built is what got them to where they are now. Back in the day third party exclusives were very common. Now they are a rarity and in the future they will become more rare which is why MS's decision to disband 3 internal developers in the last year is puzzling.

Theo Paphitis4033d ago

And for that reason alone,

I'm in.

Lanoire4033d ago

Make that several hundred steps ahead of MS.

- Blu Ray
- Triple A franchises

Yes, its good to own a PS3.

Milky Joe4033d ago

Nice one Theo, You were always the most level headed of the Dragons.

Rumour is you fancy that Debra lady, is it true?

PimpHandHappy4033d ago

i know a few ppl who could!


anyway on point:
Sony has brought more new IP's to the PS3 then MS has brought out over the 6-7 years they have been in the game making biz! And thats the truth

In under 2 years Sony has brought out, im guessing, 25 new IP's. This includes PSN games

Theo Paphitis4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Oh for f*ck's sake it's not true!

We was only in bed cause she wanted to SHOW me something.


Bonsai12144033d ago

in other news, fire burns.

Ninja-Sama4033d ago

Aren't all those names 1 person? :P

But yeah, not matter which way you spin it, there's no denying the depth of Sony's franchises.

Fallen_Angel4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

What a fanboy piece of crap. 1st off sony been at it a lot longer then MS. 2nd they list lbp and that has turned out to be a flop. MS has a solid line up of franchises Halo , Fable , Gears, Forza, Crackdown, Viva Pinata all million plus sellers. They also have Blue dragon and lost odyssey if 360 keeps doing well in japan lost odyssey will likely become a million seller too.

Oh and if you add in XBLA titles then MS has brought out 100's of new ip's since the release of the 360

4033d ago
Coheno4033d ago

LBP a flop?!?! Where? How? Because it was selling $200 a pop on ebay? Dude you must be delusional...

ultimolu4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I can't either.

It's really true. You always see a certain amount of quality in Sony's games.

I blame them for dragging me into the Gran Turismo series, God of War, it's just crazy.

Thank you Sony. Now my purse will be empty again by next year. >-<

Lol @ Fallen Angel. I'm sorry dude but it's true. And calling LBP a flop? How is LBP a flop? Explain that one to me.

Homicide4033d ago

Sony has an amazing 1st party and 2nd party line-up. Microsoft doesn't. They're relying too much on 3rd party.

Man_of_the_year4032d ago

I has made the most selling franchises compared to MS. Sony has been around for 3 generations now while MS has been around for about 1.5. However...MS has made the greatest selling franchise of the 2. HALO.

no game has sold more than Halo 2, or Halo 3. It doesn't matter if you liked the game or not - you cannot argue the power of the Halo Franchise.

Jager4032d ago

Actually Man of the Year, Grand Turismo franchise has sold by far more then Halo's franchise. Not that i care, love both of those franchises.

Milky Joe4032d ago

Damnit Paphitis! Why lie? She's not THAT old, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Erotic Sheep4032d ago

Wow Fallen Angel... I'm taking your bubbles before you infect innocent people with your retarded mind. Well done..

MiloGarret4032d ago

The actual headline is: "Is Sony better with franchises than Microsoft?"
How do you agree with a question? Lol...

Coheno4032d ago

@Man of the year

Halo franchise the biggest? Dude have you heard of a gamecharacter named Mario? Or a little gameseries named GTA? Gran Turismo is also a better selling series.

Man_of_the_year4032d ago

let me reiterate...

No game has sold more than Halo 2, nor has any game sold more than Halo 3.

Other franchises have been around for years creating their popularity...while Halo has 3 games and Halo 3 is the highest selling game of all single franchise has achieved what the Halo franchise has done in such a small time frame...It has taken other franchises years to achieve what the Halo franchise has done.

I challenge anyone to show me the Total sales of any single game on the Nintendo/Sony at any point in either the PS1/2 or any Nintendo game...

Erotic Sheep4032d ago

GT 1 - 10.85 million
GT 2 - 9.37 million
GT 3 - 14.89 million
GT 4 - 10.06 million

Halo 1- 5 million
Halo 2-8 million
Halo 3- 8.1 million


Man_of_the_year4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

And like i said - no single game has done what Halo 2 or Halo 3 did in the same time me sales for 1st week..hell show me for first year of sales for each one and compare to the sales of Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Again i will say it - Halo has done more in its small period of franchise time than any other franchise in the same amount of time.

4032d ago
Erotic Sheep4032d ago

OMG Man of the Year.. do you have an excuse for everything?
So let's say we would race and you would accelerate faster, but in the end I still reach the finish faster than you do.. would that make you the winner?
Answer that question and you realise your mistake. GT is on top of the franchises, no way to spin it...

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shine13964033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

FYI: wipeout was 95 and Gran turismo was...around that time. The article does say that Halo and Gears are -sales wise- much the biggest things in gaming and Forza and fable 2 are pretty much up there in their genres. But yes, the list does dwindle, unfavourably, In my opinion.

Edit: Man I forgot about rare.

uxo224032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

This is why Fanboys can't be trusted to write a quality and unbiased article. Yes, the writer qualifies as a fan boy in my book.

I agree overall that Sony does have more franchises and longer living sequels. The part that makes this clown appear a moron is how when he explained the Microsoft franchises he provided a negative spin on some of them. Yet he never put a negative spin on Killzone. Although Killzone 2 appear to be a killer ap, the previous version wasn't so great. Yet he put Killzone on the list while bashing some of MS titles.

He also didn't put Gears on the list sighting some stupid BS about whether some titles will go multiplat some day. (that alone is a clear indicator of fanboyism.) In some cases he was blabbing about titles that currently only qualify as exclusives and not franchises. Once again I agree with the Title, but I disagree with the article and the delivery.

Give this guy 3 lame fanboy dolls out of 5.

Edit: Notice he also conveniently fail to add nintendo to the competition.

GWAVE4032d ago

@ uxo

Gears isn't an exclusive, in case you hadn't heard. It can be played on PC (with more content, for that matter).

Several other 360 "exclusives" can also be played on PC like Mass Effect. Gears 2 and Halo 3 will be added to that list soon (and just wait: they'll only be compatible with Windows 7)

uxo224031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I thought they were talking about franchises. You know games created for a brand that is still alive that people recognize quickly and related it to that brand.

Like God of war, is a sony brand. But perhaps using your thought process it shouldn't be considered since it can be played on the PS2?

Or many other Sony franchises made famous by sony. And this article was really aimed at the PS3 and the 360. So keeping with the theme, anything that can be played on the 360 but NOT the PS3 would be a 360 exclusive in relation to the PS3.

Edit: Remember the title: "Sony is Better With Franchises Than Microsoft" Not the PS3 has more exclusives that the 360.
Nice try

dachiefsman4033d ago

nintendo is better than sony.

what a dumb story.

TheExecutive4033d ago

why? Because of Mario and Zelda? The good thing about sony is that they try new things and constantly have new franchises coming out. I think Ninetendo HAD great franchises but they have grown stale over the last 15 years. IMHO.

NMC20074033d ago

Just no.
Nintendo are using 20 year old franchises and mascots to stay afloat, that sucks ass imo, I am sick of Nintendo's characters(I can't be the only one)and Sony may not have characters as popular and may never have them, but the games are better, only Mario Galaxy stands out this go round imo, the rest are generic type stuff, with the Mario Karts and Smash Bros(this is a really awesome game though) but Mario is the only game on the Wii that deserves a 10.

Sony... well, they have great games and franchises and they are still adding new IPs to their belt while Nintendo are telling us... they have more Mario and Zelda to dish out, WTF? LOLZ!

This post may seem undone but I am rushing so I can play the Naruto Broken Bond demo, but I felt I needed to reply to this BS.

Nintendo? GTFOH.

kazuma4033d ago

while i do enjoy nintendo's franchises as much as a nintendo hardcore fan, nintendo has been relying on milking some mascots for quite some time now. still, i enjoy playing new iterations of those franchises as long as they're good.

imo, sony and nintendo are the best companies right now. microsoft is nowhere near the quality level that those 2 companies have in terms of first party studios and franchises. while sony and nintendo are always trying to improve their roster of first party studios, microsoft is closing down the few good ones they have...not a really good move, and it shows. microsoft is more focused on stealing franchises from their competitors than creating new and interesting ip's.

Sony Rep4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Really?? Seriously?? LOL

Nintendo has Miyamoto, Miyamoto makes 2 games every four years or so; Zelda and Mario.

The rest of Nintendo's games and ips are trash. Sony has far more greater franchises, developers houses, and ips. You can't argue facts.

GamingGeekPS33604033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

But there are other things out there besides Mario, Zelda and Metriod...

I own a PS3 and 360...and one thing that different Sony from MS is the amount of quality gaming experiences on the PS3 versus MS..

MS has a few quality gaming experiences Bioshock(which is now on PS3) and Gear of War 1 & 2....

Sony has very strong internal studios that will make great games for the PS3 only....LBP, MGS4, Folklore, Uncharted, RFOM 1&2, Heavenly Sword, SOCOOM(I like SOCOOM), KZ2 just to name a few.

Many people fail to realized that Sony has a great model that needs to tweak just a little...Sony have created some of the worlds best internal studios that can utilize the power of the PS3 to make new, unique gaming experiences..

Its because of the PS brand we have competition from MS....and because of this war we as gamers will benefit tremendously with new, innovative exciting gaming experiences....I just believe that Sony has the best assets and mindset to ensure a constant wave of AAA gaming experiences...

dinkeldinkse4033d ago

But wanted you to know Missouri Football Teams suck.Especially Mizzou, they finally play 2 teams and they lose both games. Not to mention the game against Texas was over after the opening possession.

ultimolu4033d ago

Nintendo is awesome but they need new IP's. >:/
Yes, I said it first.

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Amnesiac4033d ago

But, but, but....HALO 2.5!!!!!!!!

FBl4033d ago

Do Microsoft fail on purpose?

GiantEnemyLobster4032d ago

I'm suprised this Sony fanboyish site still even EXISTS. I guess all the PStards help keep it up and running.

4032d ago
OOG4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Lmao are you serious with this article......the title has more depth then the article.....its basically posts some bias opinions and a lot of obvious things that people already know...

WoWzers............ lol thanks for stating some obvious points and some stupid ones weooo

Why o why4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

i think they do because they have more recognisable franchises than MS. I know its obvious but that doesn't mean it cant be said

OOG4033d ago

Theres just no need to be posting the obvious on a site of gamers with opinions...hell we all could write something as good or better then this its kinda sad.....

but... fine if you really want an opinion then yes Sony is better with franchises but no at the same time because a lot of these franchises could have 3 games in the franchise and might sell as many copies as 1 halo....

I duno its weird MS needs to realize that they need to try and build more franchises but the ones they have they can sure market and promote and those franchises for the most part score off the charts etc.....while sony's have been hit or miss this will change and it has been but MS has a different way of playing the game then sony because they are trying to build a brand, while sony is trying to save one....

I duno its whatever but an article like this is pointless

Why o why4033d ago

sony need saving? OK. Now it makes sense why you thought the article was pointless. Good day to you sir

OOOOOOOOOOG lol4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Since you didnt read what I said the way I intended and im bored I actually made a name so I could respond......

When I say sony is try to save their brand....I dont mean it as if they have become irrelevant or anything like that......I basically mean that they are trying to regain 1st place in the industry with the ps3.....against the powerhouse wii and also the 360.....

You cant deny sony is trying to save their brand because they are not in the same seat they used to be....if they just did things the same since the system launched then they would have disappeared already......

My opinion is nowhere near being biased I have a ps3 and have owned the other consoles so please dont act like what im saying is based on being a fanboy or biased.

But that is the main thing that is different between MS and is building a brand and one is I guess trying to keep theirs in the spotlight or something I guess.....there really is no denying that sonys power isnt that same as it used to be....

* o btw based on your posts over the last while I do see where you stand since most are negative attempts at xbox and positive for sony....but ya know whatever who really cares what system you like

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