PLAY preview: Final Fantasy XIII

Whether or not it'll be released next year, everybody will be able to play Final Fantasy XIII in some form during 2009. The Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Blu-ray, a 30-minute extended edition of the original, will come packaged with a 90-minute demo of the releasechallenged RPG from Square Enix. This should be enough time for fans to dissect, complain and pencil hentai inspired by the game, but it's still a frustrating reminder of how prolonged and frustrating the wait for this potential masterpiece is.

At this (still) early stage, Final Fantasy XIII remains the most enticing title on the PS3's release schedule by a million light years. The optimist sees Final Fantasy XIII in this way: a demo of Final Fantasy XII came with the NTSC version of Dragon Quest VIII, in November 2005. The game then shipped 11 months later. The demo for XIII, on the other hand, arrives with Advent Children in March of next year, so logic suggests that the game will be ready by February 2010. This isn't anywhere near an exact science, of course. Then again, this is the freakishly unpredictable Square Enix that PLAY are talking about – if you remember rightly, Final Fantasy XII was over two years late when it finally hit the UK.

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ThatCanadianGuy5142d ago

"everybody will be able to play Final Fantasy XIII in some form during 2009"

They should Change that to "Only PS3 owners will be able to play the Final Fantasy XIII 90 minute demo"